Creating the ultimate country kitchen

Regardless of the steady stream of new cutting-edge kitchen trends, Mereway country kitchens never go out of style at Kitchen Designers. Today’s versions needn’t be restricted to farmhouses or traditional cottages either; the country kitchen of 2016 combines the functionality and features required for today’s fast-paced lifestyles with timeless looks and that all-important high quality finish. country kitchens
Country kitchen features
What makes country kitchens? If knotted pine springs to mind, think again. The country kitchen lends itself to many interpretations. Different nations have their own ‘takes’ on the style – choose from Old English, French or Californian if you are looking for fresh ways to create the traditional country kitchen look.
The element that binds the different variations of this style together is the country kitchens ability to evoke comfort, warmth and nostalgia. The simplicity and solidity of the country kitchen’s cabinetry is central to this. The addition of natural materials, bespoke furniture items and carefully-selected accessories help to reinforce the look.
Country colours
While many rustic country kitchens feature distressed wood, this certainly isn’t always the case. Although wood often features in some shape or form – from a traditional family kitchen table to oiled wooden countertops – there are plenty of opportunities to inject some colour too. The English Revival brand stocked by Kitchen Designers offers painted cabinet finishes in a palette of tasteful pastel colours. Choose from enticingly named shades such as turtle dove, willow green and pebble blue. Those who love a more classic colour contrast are catered for with options such as chalk white and pantry cream.
Equipped for the country
However classic or traditional its appearance country kitchens are as capable as any other of accommodating sophisticated appliances at the forefront of technology. Jaw-dropping double range cookers – or the ubiquitous Aga – can even help to reinforce the look, as well as being real kitchen performers. Want to go hi-tech but worried about a style clash? Clever kitchen cabinetry means that anything you don’t want on display – from an integrated dishwasher to a combined fridge-freezer – can be concealed behind co-ordinating kitchen cabinet doors. No-one need ever know about the state-of-the-art labour-saving devices that are working quietly and efficiently in the background…
Country stores
As with appliances, storage within the country kitchen can incorporate the latest practical thinking, without encroaching on the overall kitchen look. A number of functional and great looking storage solutions tend to typify today’s country kitchen. These include hardwood drawer boxes, traditional dressers and stunning mantels (the latter of which can be used to display favourite knick-knacks). Open shelves are ideal for displaying ever-popular Mason jars, while pull-out rattan or wicker baskets provide the perfect place for stashing fruit and veg. Wine lovers may also wish to consider the addition of an integrated solid hardwood wine rack – a practical eye pleaser if ever there was one…
Finishing touches
Come along to any of our four Kitchen Designers showrooms and you’ll see how much we love accessorising our different kitchen styles. The enduring popularity of the country kitchen style means that the hunt for appropriate kitchen accessories should be reasonably simple – and lots of fun. Both spots and checks will help to complete the look and can be featured on tablecloths, crockery – or both. Traditional milk jugs and sugar bowls should be left on display, rather than tucked away in a cupboard. If wall space permits, an oversized clock will add to the timeless (no pun intended) look.
Craving more advice on creating the perfect country kitchen? Contact Kitchen Designers today or pop in and pay us a visit.