DIY kitchens – The dos and don’ts

DIY kitchens – or do it yourself – is, by all accounts, increasing in popularity – particularly among the younger (and keener?) among us. After all, what could be more satisfying than creating something for your own home with your own fair hand? Rumour has it that you’re bound to save a bit of cash by doing it yourself too. Given that the kitchen is one of the most important – and complex – rooms in the home, Kitchen Designers looks at whether the concept of DIY kitchens truly stands up to scrutiny…
Ready, steady, DIY
Some of the most important work involved in installing a new kitchen is done before anyone has even picked up a tool. Planning, however, is a frequently neglected part of the DIY process. As we’ve warned on previous occasions, ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.’ At Kitchen Designers, we place a huge importance on the planning and design phase of your kitchen installation project. Our team of expert kitchen designers will scrutinise your room dimensions – and the available kitchen ranges within your budget – to ensure that you receive the very best solution in terms of storage, functionality, ergonomics and looks.
A site for sore eyes
At Kitchen Designers kitchens, we never ever install a kitchen ‘blind’. All of the detailed design and planning work outlined above is double-checked via a site visit. Isn’t that overkill we hear you ask? Absolutely not. Before a hammer has even been wielded, it is essential to confirm sizes, as well as assessing the locations of important utilities such as the water supply and electrical arrangements. There’s a dangerous tendency among DIY enthusiasts to ‘jump straight in’; this eagerness to roll up your sleeves and get on with the job can result in headaches – and additional expense – further down the kitchens
Check, check, then check again
As well as making a site visit to check your kitchen’s dimensions, electrics and plumbing, Kitchen Designers builds in several other quality checks to ensure that the kitchen you get is exactly what you asked for. Every single order is double-checked by one of our highly-trained order processing staff before it is sent away. Once we receive confirmation of the order from the factory, we cross-reference the two to ensure that they match. When the order arrives with us it’s checked and – you guessed it – checked again before it’s carefully loaded for delivery – and installation – in your home.
Stick to the schedule
Almost every DIY programme or interiors magazine is obsessed with two project yardsticks – completion on time and on budget. Sticking to a schedule is not always as easy as it seems – particularly if you are unused to the role of project manager. At Kitchen Designers, we take the pain out of project management by handling everything for you. Our installations manager and customer services personnel work together to ensure that a team of kitchen installers are fully briefed and booked well in advance. Their progress is carefully supervised throughout the kitchen’s installation then quality-checked on completion. The result? Satisfaction all round.
Compromise versus cost
At Kitchen Designers we realise the importance of being flexible. We also acknowledge that, on occasion, our clients may have experience in the industry and will wish to install their kitchens themselves. On such occasions, we can deal with your order on a ‘supply only’ basis. More often, however, clients recognise the value in having us see the job through from start to finish at an agreed price that is unfailingly competitive.
The trend towards DIY may be on an upwards curve but some major projects are best left to those in the know. Perhaps it is this knowledge that explains the older generation’s preference for calling in the professionals…
DIY kitchens disasters? They’re completely avoidable.