Howdens kitchens comparison with Trend

Howdens kitchens are well known as one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of budget fitted kitchens. The company, which has a number of depots throughout the country, offers a wide variety of kitchen designs, as well as accompanying ranges of kitchen accessories and appliances. Here at Kitchen Designers we take a closer look at the Howdens kitchens offering, the reasons for the company’s sustained popularity and some of the things that Howdens has in common with one of our own favourite brands, Trend.
We’ve got history
With a track record that goes back to 1995, Howdens kitchens has firmly ingratiated itself with trade professionals. Mereway are the brand behind Trend and they were born 30 years ago in Birmingham and have never looked back since.One defining difference between Trend and Howdens is that the Trend kitchen cabinet is built to a higher standard.howdens kitchens
Multiple choice
The various kitchen ranges – or families – at Howdens have a number of aspects in common with their Trend counterparts. Both offer styles ranging from modern classics (such as Howdens’ Tewkesbury and Trend’s Traditional Ivory) to sleek and contemporary (think Howdens’ Clerkenwell and Trend’s Slab). Love curves but hate handles? Both Howdens and Trend can cater to these kitchen cabinet tastes. Meanwhile, Shaker-style doors never seem to go out of fashion – hence their continued prominence in both companies’ kitchen portfolios.
Black and white
It’s certainly not all black and white at Howdens kitchens or Kitchen Designers but there’s a definite leaning towards more neutral tones in both Howdens’ and Trend’s colour palettes. Gloss whites, rich creams and slate greys are all available in abundance, although they may well be referred to as ivory, pebble or graphite. Both kitchen manufacturers also make a nod to the enduring appeal of wood with the inclusion of oak among their kitchen ranges.
Free kitchen design
If designing a kitchen sounds daunting, both Howdens kitchens and Kitchen Designers are keen to take the difficulty – and expense – away. Kitchen Designers offers a full-blown free design service, which can be carried out at one of our four UK showrooms. Those who are time-pressed or outwith reach of a showroom can still benefit from the free kitchen design service online. In addition to this free design service, Kitchen Designers offers a host of kitchen planning advice and tips online, including free downloadable unit guides.
Equipment and appliances
When it comes to key relationships great kitchen manufacturers like to partner with great kitchen appliance brands. After all, ovens, hobs, dishwashers and fridge freezers are important components of any kitchen. Both Howdens and Kitchen Designers have cultivated strong appliance partnerships. Howdens has its own exclusive Lamona range, as well as partnerships with AEG, Neff and Bosch. Meanwhile, any kitchen purchased from Kitchen Designers can benefit from premium appliances supplied by Siemens, Luce and Bora.
All about accessories
Finishing touches complete a kitchen’s look and functionality. Accessorising your kitchen designs involves everything from internal cupboard and drawer fittings to display shelving, lighting and fixtures and fittings. Basics such as taps and handles all need to be selected too. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Howdens range of kitchen accessories is comprehensive. The company even gives a nod to recycling with various waste management solutions. This attention to detail is echoed at Kitchen Designers, where the emphasis is on making the kitchen as aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly as possible. Corner and pull-out storage units, cabinet legs, pilasters and plinths – and even kitchen bar stools – can all be ordered online.
At your service
The last – but possibly most important – element that Howdens kitchens and Kitchen Designers have in common are the two companies’ commitment to coupling excellent product quality with outstanding customer service. And who can argue with that?