Kitchen Ideas to Inspire

Bored with your current kitchen set-up but not sure where to start? When it comes to kitchen ideas and inspiration, the team at Kitchen Designers have a few ideas up their sleeves. Read on to get your creative juices flowing…

Set the mood

A mood board provides the perfect starting point for many home improvement projects, including that all-important kitchen makeover. Never heard of a mood board? A mood board is a gathering place for all the different things you like that are connected with your potential kitchen project.  It can include photographs, magazine articles, colour swatches, material samples and more.  As its name suggests, many people choose to assemble the objects on some form of cork board. If you’re tech-savvy, you may prefer to supplement or replace the idea of a physical mood board with a virtual version. Enter Pinterest, of which more below…kitchen ideas

A web of kitchen ideas

It’s a reflection of today’s society that many of us turn to the internet when faced with a new research project.  The worldwide web is awash with pages when it comes to kitchen design – so much so that you may feel you’re in danger of drowning.  This is where Pinterest – ‘The world’s catalogue of ideas’ – comes in handy. The site offers an excellent way of storing  or ‘pinning’ all the useful kitchen websites, photographs, features and articles that you find online in a single easy-to-access place. Want to see how it works? Check out Kitchen Designers on Pinterest here.

Read all about it

If mood boards (virtual or otherwise) aren’t your thing, get your hands on a good stack of glossies instead.  Visit any good newsagent or large supermarket and you’ll find that there are a host of lifestyle, home improvement and kitchen magazines to choose from.  Many of the kitchen features take the form of case studies, which can provide a greater insight into the rationale behind the kitchen project, as well as budgets and timescales.  If you’re stuck for ideas, flicking through the pages should provoke a definite reaction in terms of what catches your eye – and what’s a complete turn-off!more-kitchen-ideas

Suss out a showroom

The ideal place to harness your kitchen ideas is within the walls of a kitchen showroom. The perfect kitchen should appeal on many levels: as well as looking the part, it should be a pleasure to work with (soft closing drawers anyone?).  Visiting your nearest kitchen showroom can really help you to envisage a new kitchen layout in your own home.  It provides an opportunity to explore the different ranges and their individual features. At Kitchen Designers, we welcome visitors to our London, Kent and Aberdeen kitchen showrooms – regardless of whether you’re at the very start of the planning process or you need to run an existing idea past us.

Ask the experts

Kitchen Designers has a team of experienced designers within each of our kitchen showrooms. These guys and girls like nothing more than to help you form and fine-tune your kitchen ideas. They’ll gently guide you through the practicalities of each concept, which can help with the decision making process. Once you’ve firmed up some choices, our designers can translate these into high-quality 3D colour pictures, including a detailed floor plan and quotation. This kitchen design service is completely free of charge. Our priority is to bring your kitchen ideas to life with creativity, skill and accuracy.

Can’t make it in for a visit? Read our  kitchen design ideas here and contact us with your own ideas and room measurements today.