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Quickstep flooring warranty

10-yearStringent testing and controlling guarantee the quality of QuickStep laminate flooring. Thats why QuickStep is happy to provide a 10- or 20-year warranty on wear, depending on the product. Quick-Step 700: 10-year warranty, QuickStep 800 and 950: 20-year warranty. The only condition is that you use the Quick-Step installation accessories and maintenance products. They are designed to keep your laminate flooring in perfect condition. Your Quick-Step dealer will be pleased to provide you with the warranty conditions.

QuickStep Uniclic Laminate Flooring Majestic

20-yearIn busy spaces like shops, offices and hotels, the floor has to be able to take a knock or two. QuickStep Majestic possesses all the characteristics of QuickStep, as well as the In-Out Uniclic system* and an extra resistant and chip-proof top layer. This gives Majestic it’s extra durable character (class 33) and it can be laid very fast with the help of the attached Uniclic Sound underfloor. This floor is also anti-static and extra easy to maintain thanks to a special treatment.

easy_cleanThe special resistant and chip-proof top layer ensures that QuickStep Majestic is a very low-maintenance laminate flooring. Dust and stains dont stand a chance.

a_staticQuickStep Majestic undergoes special permanent a-static treatment. This makes the floor very well suited for shops and offices.
At 23 ° C and 25% RH (relative air humidity), a charge of £ 2.0kV.

Warranty Label 25 years

25-yearFor domestic use, the QuickStep Majestic warranty applies for 25 years. For more information check the QuickStep Majestic brochure. (Warranty conditions for projects on demand)

The full details of the warranty are included with the product but these are a number of important points.