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Why Underfloor Heating

Why Use Underfloor Heating

Installing underfloor heating in your bathroom
It isn’t perhaps something you automatically consider in the summertime, but underfloor heating can make a massive difference to the general level of comfort you and you family are afforded by your bathroom. BUY underfloor heating | How to install underfloor heating
A bathroom for all seasons

Even though the weather is lovely now, you must remember when you are renovating your bathroom, that winter mornings and evenings can be really uncomfortable especially in rooms with tiled flooring. Don’t let the current climate disguise issues that arise in other seasons.
Bathroom floor tiles
Most bathroom flooring used in the UK use tiles. This is because bathroom tiles are really easy to clean, they are exceptionally long lasting and they will withstand exposure to water on a daily basis. The only drawback of using tiles to floor your bathroom is that they are so cold!
Direct heating for your tiles
You can combat the chill you feel underfoot on cold mornings by investing in some underfloor heating. This type of heating will warm your tiles directly in a way that your radiators will never manage. The result is that you bathroom is always comfortable no matter the weather, leaving you to enjoy the time you spend in there.

Additional heating options in the bathroom

underfloor-heatingHeating is a very important element in the bathroom that should never be overlooked. Entering a cold bathroom in the morning is the wrong way to start your day. It is uncomfortable and adds to the difficulty that you may find in getting up and starting your daily routine. A warm bathroom is also much more hospitable when it comes to entertaining guests. Cold bathrooms create the wrong sort of impression and detract from the rest of the room, no matter how visually stunning you have designed it to be in terms of you bathroom furniture and suite.

Underfloor heating is one of the ways you can improve your heating options in the bathroom. Tiled floors benefit especially from direct underfloor heating that takes the chill away from the tiles. Although this is of particular benefit in winter, it is also pleasant all year round for early mornings. Designer radiators look fantastic in your bathroom. These are excellent ways of supplying adequate heating without detracting from the aesthetics of the room. You can also install heated towel rails as a way of combining heating and storage. A warm towel is a real luxury when you step out of the bath or shower.

Underfloor heating takes the edge off the chill
It’s been a very long and very cold winter this year. It is now March and the weather is only just showing signs of thawing out, but still the morning streets are decked with frosted cars and our morning bathroom routine is made pretty uncomfortable by the persistent, biting cold. If there has ever been a UK winter that made people reassess the heating arrangements in their home it was this one. Whilst you can obviously crank up your heating to try and combat the cold, this doesn’t necessarily have an effect on some of the areas that affect you the most on those freezing winter mornings. The bathroom floor is one of those areas. It’s hard enough climbing out of bed when you can feel that the air in the room is chilly, but when you go to the bathroom for your daily shower, a cold tiled floor is the last thing you need. It can take away the warmth and comfort that bathroom showers can give you first thing. By investing in some underfloor heating, you will take the edge right off the chill that lingers on your bathroom tiles, giving you the chance to enjoy your winter morning bathroom routine, instead of dreading your bare feet touching the floor.