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Underfloor Heating Installation

Underfloor Heating Installation

As with all electrical underfloor heating systems, certain procedures must be followed.  Ensure you have read all technical specifications and you are happy to fit Warmup Underfloor Heating to your room.  To install your Warmup underfloor heating system follow these five steps.  Please note that this is a summary.

Warmup under floor heating


1. Smooth, clean and dry the subfloor
The surface must be smooth, dry and free from grease.

2.  Paint the floor with Warmup Primer
You do not need to use primer if installing on an insulated tile back board.

If fitting to a wooden floor, the floor must be fitted with tile backer board or plywood.

If fitting to a solid floor the concrete must be completely dry.

3.  Allow primer to dry
The light green colour of the primer will change to a dark green once dry. Avoid traffic once primer is down.


1.  Mark the heater position on the floor
Calculate in square meters the size of the area to be heated.

Use the Sizing Guide (found in the back of the Installation Manual) to correctly fit your heating wire into the space provided.

2.  Mark the start point
As close to the power supply as possible but no further than 2.5m from it.

3.  Mark perimeter and spacing intervals
Mark all outer corners of the heated areas referring to the Sizing Guide.

Join the corners to form a marked out perimeter.

Mark the spacing intervals for the underfloor heating wire.

Remember: Plan the heater layout and installation so that any drilling after tiling will not damage the wiring.


1.  Gently pull the black power supply cable from the box

After 3 meters, you will reach the point at which the power supply cable joins the heater wire.

Tape to the floor at the start point and at each corner

2.  Layout the heater wire in parallel lines
Begin at the start point and in U shapes go to the furthest point.  Secure the ends of each run

3.  Secure the ends of each run
Using the wire spacing markings as tape down points, secure the heating wire to the floor with adhesive tape.

4.  Find the other end
Once you have completed 75% of layout, unroll the remaining heating wire and the second power supply cable.

At the end where the power supply cable meets the heating wire you will find another joint. Tape this to the end point at least 50mm from the start point.

You will be left with unsecured heater wire – layout in reverse order, starting from end point.

5.  Tape down the entire heater
Once completed, tape down the entire length of the heating wire, positioning the tape centrally over the wire.

6.  Fix power supply cables.

If necessary, chisel out channels for power supply cables and the floor probe wire – this will minimise the increased height.

Fit the power supply cables into the channels and secure with fixing tape.

Remove all debris and chippings from the floor.

Remember: Protect the heater wire with cardboard or hardboard between installation andtiling.

Follow the instructions supplied with your thermostat.  Your underfloor heating system will not function without a correctly installed thermostat.


1. Check the heater wire is fully taped and secure.

2. Tile as normal, taking care not to damage or dislodge the heater wire.

If tiling with mosaic or similar tiles, it is advisable to cover the heater element with latex self-levelling compound before tiling.

When using a notched trowel, gently comb the adhesive in straight lines in the same direction as the runs of the heating wire.

DO NOT lift tiles once the adhesive is dry, as this will damage the heater wire.

3. Grout the floor as soon as possible as per the manufacturers instructions.

DO NOT switch on the heater until the tile adhesive is fully dried (minimum 7 days).

Remember: Use ceramic tile adhesives and grouts are suitable.

Check the floor heater is working directly before commencing tiling.