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bathroom suite in java sanded oakFor your new bathroom design you may prefer traditional fittings, sumptuous sculpted baths and basins, or clean-cut, modern designs. Our store can provide everything you need to create a superb bathroom design. Besides the shape of the fixtures, colour is also a keynote in the bathroom design. Fixtures for bathrooms are available in a lot of colours although white goes with most of the styles. The choice of materials also gives you the opportunity to be creative in your design. Select a frosted glass basin with a chrome pedestal or a shower enclosure made of glass bricks. Wood is always a successful material to use in bathrooms, it is used in bath panels and toilet seats as well as for storage cabinets. Not only bath, shower or toilet design or colour have influence on the atmosphere of your bathroom, taps, shower fittings and levers do too. They will really set off your bathroom design and take your bathroom to another level. There are a lot of designs available, from Victorian taps and overhead showers to state-of-the-art chrome shower mixers or levers. Lighting in bathroom design – Choosing lighting is an important aspect of bathrooms. You need to be able to see yourself properly, for example when applying make-up. When you’re single or living with adults, you might want to choose lights that create an atmosphere, with accent lights where you need it most, like above the basin. This will give you great freedom in creating the ambiance you want. If you have a family, brighter main lighting in bathrooms will be necessary to secure safety by lighting all the areas, so that corners and wet patches on the floor get noticed. If you live with smaller children, make sure they can reach the light at night when they have to go to the toilet. A window in a bathroom is a great asset as natural light is always better during daytime than artificial. Bathroom design wall finishes – Once you’ve got an idea about what design you like and have chosen your bathroom suite, walls are the next thing to think about. Walls in bathrooms have a few conditions to apply to. They have to be resistant to water, damp conditions, dirt and they have to be easy to clean. Tiles are still considered the best material to use. Tiles come in all kinds of sizes, colours and finishes. Wallpaper can also be used in a bathroom design. When you buy wallpaper, make sure that it is suitable for the bathroom. Also use wallpaper paste suitable for your wallpaper and the bathroom. It will obviously need to present more resistance to moisture then in any other room in the house. Wooden cladding gives a nice Swedish feel to your bathroom. You can put cladding over the whole wall, or just all around at about waist height. Constructed like this it can also provide a little shelf for your accessories. You can either leave it in its own wood colour or paint it in any colour you want. Paint is an easy way to brighten up your bathroom design and is available in a fast array of colours. Just make sure you buy paint that is suitable for bathrooms.