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Shower wall panels 3

Mermaid shower wall panels

Shower Panels Technical Details Mermaid waterproof bathroom shower wall panels are manufactured of 9mm water-resistant WBP plywood which has been specially developed for use in “wet areas” such as bathrooms and showers. High pressure decorative laminate is bonded to the plywood to give a completely waterproof surface, with a balancing laminate to the reverse.

Hi-ShowerWall 2400mm x 900mm x 10-011 mm (nom)
Weight: approx. 18kg; approx. 21kg (Aurora)

Weight: approx. 24kg; approx. 28kg (Aurora)


Tongue-and-groove to long edges for concealed fixing’s and a neat joint. The short edge’s are chamfered to form a “drip nose”.




Wide Shower Wall 2400mm x 1200mm x 10-11 mm
hi shower wallOne edge is square to fit into corner profile. This square edge is also grooved to enable a concealed profile to be fitted if preferred. The other edge has a fixing lip with a groove, as on the Mermaid bathroom showers wall panels. This has the dual benefit of either enabling concealed fixing when used in conjunction with the snap-in edging, or of allowing continuation around the room using bathroom showers panels. The short edge’s are chamfered to form a “drip nose”.

wide shower wall

Wide Shower Wall

All four edges square cut.

*Please note that Bathroom Shower Wall panels are designed specifically for use in showers enclosures. They are not tongued and grooved, so can not be joined together as continual wall lining without the use of joining profiles.


Mermaid showers bathroom shower wall panels can be fitted to most types of walls, including brick, block or concrete walls; to plasterboard; to studwork; and even over the top of existing ceramic tiles. Mermaid panels can easily be cut to size using normal woodworking tools, no special equipment is required. Full fitting instructions are supplied with the panels.