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Roman Showers

roman-shower-enclosuresRoman Showers allow the distinction and class of design to enhance the style of your showering – affordable bathrooms luxury for everyone.
The range offers an unsurpassed choice of both design and product options with attention to quality, specification, precision and beauty ensures that they will stand the test of time.

roman-orbital-showersRoman Showers Orbital Range
Enclosures with a minimalist look that sets them apart. A combination of discreet profiles and rails, sleek bolt through handles and attractive framless doors.

roman-freedom-roamRoman Showers Freedom Range
This Freedom range is a series of exclusive designer doors and shower tray options that allow you to create your own showering paradise. From unique designs which can be fitted straight to the floor or on to contemporary low level shower trays, Freedom is as flexible as your imagination.


Roman Showers Collage has the highest specification for Shower Enclosures and Bath screens. The doors are precision made to ensure smooth and accurate operation. The Collage range features three types : Pivot Door, Bi-Fold and Corner Entry but all three types have many variations in the ways that the doors operate and they can be combined with any panels for totally flexibility. The Roman sCollage Doors feature magnetic closure mechanisms, stainless steel fixings, 5mm thick glass and complete leak-proofing.

The Roman Jupiter collection of shower enclosures is a compact and elegant lower cost package which represents outstanding value for money in bathrooms. Jupiter features three types : Pivot Door, Bi-Fold and Corner Entry. They are available in two of the aluminium finishes – White and Silver.
The Roman Showers Jupiter Pivot Door features a ball-catch closure mechanism, stainless steel fixings, 4mm thick glass and complete leak-proofing. All offer between 40mm and 80mm of telescopic adjustment in the frame to compensate for out of true walls or uneven tiling.