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Shower Enclosures and Wet rooms

Choosing between shower enclosures and wet rooms

If you enjoy having a shower then it is worth devoting a little space to your shower arrangements. A lot of people choose to save space by placing their shower unit over their baths, but for those you like to shower separately there are two further options available.
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Shower enclosures

Bathroom showers

Bathroom showers

Shower enclosures are a lovely way of enjoying your shower. This is because they provide a nice, removed atmosphere in which to shower. They are relaxing and practical and they save an awful lot of space in small bathrooms if you choose to have one instead of a bath. The one drawback of these units is that they occasionally lack space.

Wet rooms

Wet rooms are a way of getting that extra space that a shower enclosure can’t quite afford. This extra space adds to the pleasure of having a shower, increasing the relaxing atmosphere and enhancing the effect of the hot water and peace and quiet.

Naturally, you must also decide upon a kind of shower to into your enclosure or your wet room. Choose from regular showers, electric showers and power showers. Hydrotherapy showers are also available, but they come with dedicated enclosures.

Alternatives to regular bathroom showers

Choosing the right shower is generally about a balance between comfort and practicality. Fortunately, the attributes that make a shower more comfortable are usually those that also make it more functional in terms of washing.

The attributes that make the biggest impact on how comfortable and practical your shower is are heat and power. Regular showers often have shortcomings in this respect, so it is worth looking into suitable alternatives.

Electric showers

Electric showers don’t run out of hot water when you need it. This is because they heat water independently of your central tank. A constant supply of hot water yields greater comfort and a more effective shower.

Power showers

Power showers make use of more powerful jets of water than regular showers. This invigorates and also supplies an ample volume of water which is better for washing and rinsing hair. The showers are usually electric so will not run out of hot water.

Steam showers

Steam showers take heat to the next level by helping to exfoliate your skin for an even deeper clean. They also help clear your head and get you in the right frame of mind to start your day.

Basic distinctions of bathroom showers

Choosing from the wide range of bathroom showers on the market isn’t always the simplest of tasks. Naturally, you can be completely practical about it and draw up a likely budget and assess exactly what your minimum requirements for the unit are, but when it comes to making a decision it’s hard not too tempted by luxury options.

There‘s no harm in investing a little more money in order to get one that does more than the basics, but that obviously depends on whether you can afford to take the step up or not. The major distinctions in terms of shower heads are between regular hand showers, electric showers and shower towers.

Hand showers are those that feature a removable shower head. You can find regular hand showers that draw hot water from your home supply and electric showers that heat water from your cold water supply with their own mechanism.

Shower towers are those that are dedicated wall-pieces and as such a little more attention goes into their design than that of hand showers. If you want to make a feature of your shower, a tower might represent the most stylish option.