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German Kitchen Units

If you are looking for high quality German kitchen units then you need to check the range of Pronorm kitchens. You will find a comparison with Schuller kitchens and Nolte on these pages. German kitchen units are renowned for their innovative ideas, wide range of evolving styles and quality of the production process. Its of course expected that German kitchens cost more and this is generally true however Alaris can offer them for less than many basic UK kitchens.

This is because we offer a free kitchen design service then the units are built and delivered direct to your home from the factory. There are many benefits associated with German kitchen units and these begin with the door styles and finishes.

Curved gloss white German kitchen unitsThe Pronorm collection is always evolving and the latest styles include the Y Line handleless kitchens which is an innovative new style of modern kitchen. The German manufacturing discipline leads to a very high standard of unit, all the kitchen components are built to the highest standards and the units are perfectly constructed. The range of kitchen units sizes is far more extensive than other brands. The drawer units extend to an incredible 1800mm wide and are matched by the wall units.This opens up the possibilities for sleek modern kitchen design. Heights of base units and wall units are variable with 715 and 768 being standard and the plinth heights are then adapted to suit the ergonomic height that suits you.

To maximise storage wall units are also in a wide range of heights with a standard depth of 350mm The range of internal storage fitments is able to maximise the use of every German kitchen unit ensuring that no space is wasted. There are many reasons why you should buy German kitchen units and the one reason you might be put off is the price. Buy German kitchen units by Pronorm from Alaris and you will realise that price is not an obstacle.