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Setting the Mood in your Kitchen – Kitchen Mood Lighting

Kitchen Mood Lighting: Express Yourself

mood lighting
Kitchen lighting has become increasingly more important in homes because the function of the kitchen space has
changed dramatically over the years. The kitchen is no longer just a place where the family meals are prepared.
The kitchen is often larger, may incorporate a casual dining area, or a few chairs, and a plasma TV. Kitchen worktops
are deeper forming breakfast bars. Kitchen Islands are built in the centre of the kitchen and a shiny appliance sits
on the kitchen worktop ready to serve espresso coffee to family and friends. The modern kitchen needs more than a
ceiling light in the middle of the room.

Experienced kitchen designers will include kitchen mood lighting to your kitchen design to add dimension and depth
to your space. It’s generally soft and unassuming and used for decorative rather than functional purposes.
Whether you opt for something sleek and unpretentious, or something with a bit more charm and glamour, it only
takes one small modification to transform your kitchen space.

Where to introduce mood lighting?

Along the kitchen plinth
sensio mood lighting plinth Sensio mood-lighting plinth

Choose a spot light or flexible strip to create a relaxing mood.

Above wall units
Ceiling mood lighting Ceiling mood lighting Ceiling mood lighting Ceiling mood lighting

Run flexible strip lighting above wall units to up light the ceiling, adding real depth to the kitchen.
Alternatively, add an over cabinet light to illuminate the door fronts.

Glass fronted wall units
Pronorm glass front door Pronorm glass fronted doorpg

Use a glass clip light on glass pane shelves to create a superb effect, or place  spot light at the top
of the unit to illuminate glassware.

External shelf lighting
shelf lighting

Under worktop lighting