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Cooking in the Modern Kitchen

Hobs, ranges, ovens, microwaves, steam ovens, electric, gas – not to mention cooker hoods; there’s a plethora of kitchen appliances around that help you serve up meals in creative, healthy and speedy ways, keeping families and friends content.

Being a Siemens Appliance Partner, Alaris has the highest specified ranges of products to choose from. Alaris also has a wide range of Caple products too. Here’s what caught our eye this week in the world of food prep.

Siemens has introduced a range of steam ovens which helps with both cooking your meals without losing nutrients/minerals from the food, but – ideally for the busy family, also helps with reheating food too as the steam reintroduces moisture. No more crusty dinners because you were caught in the traffic on the way home!

These ovens combine steam with hot air which circulates around the oven heating the space evenly (no hot-spots), yet reduces drying out. As well as this helpful setting, the ovens also allow for low temperature cooking and faster defrosting over regular defrosting, using the steam to gently reintroduce moisture into the food. With combinations of hot air and steam and the functions already mentioned, there are five main functions.

One of the other major benefits of these ovens is the use of bright displays for the control indicators, using Siemens’ TFT clearText displays. These LED panels allow you to view the display from any angle, which is a handy ability when you are busy rattling those pots and pans and just want to glance at your cooking status. Combined with discrete buttons the displays give cooks simple, clear details showing temperatures function displays, heating up indicators as well as residual heat.

Like many of Siemens’ ovens these units have activeClean® functions where the oven cavity heats up to a blistering 480oC and effectively vaporising any grime inside the oven. Great for keeping it clean and odour free without the use of cleaning chemicals. Even with a functions like this, this oven has a great rating for energy use with Siemens claiming it reduces energy use by a further 20% over standard A rated ovens.

You can see more Siemens ovens on the main Alaris website: simply click the logo top left of the page then use the navigation bar to find the Siemens compact appliance range.