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Sensors and touch sensitive lighting

Sensors make our lives easier and touch or non-touch sensitive lighting is the biggest area for the use of sensors in our homes. Over the years they have become less a luxury item and more a low cost and simple way of adding control over main or incidental lighting around your rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms.

sensor lightingTake the SE40520 for example. As well as enabling you to turn or or off cabinet lights, this three way proximity device allows you to dim your lighting too – with a hand swipe rather than any physical contact! If that sounds a bit ‘Star Wars’ for you, then console yourself with the fact that you can install the unit in a cabinet so it is the action of opening or closing the door that will turn lights on or off.

sensor lighting with the Click Sideline System se9056It works with infra-red – the same technology as many security PIR devices (doesn’t sound so futuristic now, does it?) – a technology that registers the change of heat falling across its scanning area. When you draw a hand near the scanning surface, the sensor registers the change and triggers a relay connected to an electronic circuit that toggles on or off (or somewhere in between); perfect for lighting as with our Click Sideline System + Sensor SE9055.

It is worth it? That depends on how important you think hygiene is to your kitchen; by using lighting systems driven from sensors that don’t require you to touch them on or off, you can do your meal preparation and still change, say, the intensity of your task lighting without having to ‘down tools’, wash your hands carefully dry them, change the brightness over your prep area and then resume your work. Or safety: No need to worry about wet hands and electricity when you don’t physically touch the switch.

There is also the possibility of saving a little energy too. Using infra-red sensors in areas like kitchens or bathrooms means never having to worry about being nagged for leaving the light on as you can set your PIR to turn them off after a certain interval. This may also be a great way of getting the teenagers out of bathrooms in the morning too.