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Blanco Sinks History

BLANCO sinks history  dates back to 1925 when the company was founded by Heinrich Blanc. The business was dedicated to producing a range of innovative but functional sinks and taps, initially in premium-quality stainless steel, later developing various other quality materials.

Blanco sinks range provides possibly the best range of individual design and choice of materials and colours.


Blanco sinks are the most popular classic choice of many designers, builders and kitchen customers. The stainless steel used in Blanco sinks is of the highest quality 18/10 Chrome Nickel steel. The grade is selected to provide reliability and to ensure that the attractive looks are retained year after year. Blanco stainless steel sinks may well meet your approval but if you prefer a splash of colour you may prefer a Silgranit® sink which is available in a choice of eight colours each selected to coordinate with current trends in kitchen design.

Blanco SILGRANIT® CLEAN Silgranit® is a remarkable material with a unique surface finish ideal for kitchen sinks. Silgranit® provides a distinctive option in colour that will add lasting appeal to any kitchen. Silgranit® with its warm natural appearance is stain, scratch and heat resistant (to 280°) completely hygienic and suitable for food contact and it will not fade even in direct sunlight. Whether you choose timeless stainless steel or coloured Silgranit you can be sure that your sink has been made to the highest standards. Above all it is our attention to detail, function and innovative thinking that makes Blanco sinks are the first choice for people who appreciate the finer things in life.

The size and shape of your kitchen- The size of Blanco sinks range from compact to extra large. So there is a sink size available to fit every kitchen. If space is an issue or you want to create a special statement — a corner sink could provide a suitable solution.

How you intend to use your sink – Many Blanco sinks contain different size bowls and useful accessories to store, clean and drain foods in different areas of the sink at the same time. A useful benefit if you are working in a limited space or
simply you prefer to have everything close to hand.

Choose the right mix of tap and sink – Blanco sinks offers a wide choice of taps from the tradition to the latest designer pieces that create a statement and provide additional features such as spray rinse facilities to wash areas around the bowl. Blanco choice of options suggest that you can have a perfect match of tap
and sink that meets your particular needs in terms of design and practicality.

The right bowl and draining area – Your choice of Blanco sinks bowl or bowls is important. You may require a single large bowl or prefer a small main bowl with a complimentary half bowl. If you have a dishwasher your requirements may suggest an extra large bowl for soaking bulky items or a “professional’ styled module with an extra deep draining area for soaking

Do you want hygienic waste disposal? – Most Blanco sinks can easily be fitted with a waste disposer. The disposer will take care of kitchen scraps and food waste by simply grinding up the waste into fine particles that are then simply flushed away in to the drain along with the waste water. Just imagine no more decaying food lying in the garbage bins awaiting collection.

Waste separation- Where possiblewaste should be re-cycled. If this process is organized at source then waste should not be a mess. Blanco sinks offer wide range of Select Bin Systems designed to encourage convenient separation of waste which is then ready for recycling.

Tec elite

Blanco Sinks Tec Elite

in stainless steel are unique and this sink features a very large bowl which is over 200mm deep. This provides a very large washing space.

delta elite

Blanco Sinks Delta Elite

is a spectacular, stainless steel kitchen sinks design features the unique oblique bowl designed to accomodate large trays. The draining area has its own waste outlet. The sinks are available in stainless steel or Silgranite.

classic 8 Blanco Classic 8 A La Carte are Classic kitchen sinks and are ideal where a dishwasher makes a draining area less important. The two bowls are generous and ideal for washing large pans.
supra 2

Blanco Supra M2 Elite

kitchen sink design is definately for the gourmet chef. It is a modular sink with a large practical deep bowl with a deep soaking drainer and half bowl.


Blanco Twen A La Carte

kitchen sinks are the perfect answer in a compact kitchen. A usefull 1.5 bowl design with a removeable drainer.


Blanco Luna Elite

kitchen sinks are an other award winning designer style.The stylish diagonal bowl is complimented by the all purpose angular corner funnel.