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Carron Kitchen Sinks

Carron range

Carron sinks are an important part of the kitchen, the hub of the modern home: for casual entertaining, family dinners, semi-professional cookery or simply doing the homework. Carron sinks and taps give you the freedom to choose the right products for you. Your kitchen is an expression of your personality and your lifestyle.

And Carron sinks make sure they develop exactly the right accessories to maximise the functionality of each sink.
Carron sinks have a manufacturing heritage of more than 40 years in sinks production, you can be sure that any products you choose are of the highest quality. Carron sinks is the UK’s largest dedicated kitchen sinks manufacturer and very proud of it. And when Carron say sinks are guaranteed for a lifetime, they mean just that.
So whether you go for the professional allure of stainless steel, the robust beauty of granite or the clean slinkiness of ceramic, you can do so with complete peace of mind.

Belfast Sink

Carron Ceramic Sinks

With Carron Ceramic sinks you have a modern take on a classic material. Ceramic is without doubt the grand dame of sink materials. And like all good things, the traditional method of manufacturing from clay fired at high temperature and then individually finished by hand remains true to its original principles. The Carron sinks lustrous glossy white ceramic glaze gives each ceramic sink a tactile quality that is all its own. Each one is entirely unique. And as you would expect from a time-honoured kitchen staple, ceramics have a hard, non-porous surface that’s easy to clean and is extremely resistant to heat and chemicals. Carron sinks in ceramic offer all the traditional appeal of the material
with a more modern design interpretation. Carron sinks call it a modern classic, one that is equally at home in a traditional or contemporary setting.

belfast double
Belfast Double

belfast singleBelfast Single with Ledge

The Shonelle


Carron sinks offer all the traditional appeal of the ceramic material with a more modern design interpretation. They call it a modern classic, one that is equally at home in a traditional or contemporary setting. As you would expect from a time-honoured kitchen staple, Carron ceramic sinks have a hard, non-porous surface that’s easy to clean and is extremely resistant to heat and chemicals.

Stainless Steel

Carron Stainless Steel sinks
No other material in recent years has captured the imagination more or had such cross-market appeal. Sustained investment in the Carron sinks manufacturing plant gives the flexibility to fashion a range of sink styles that responds to changing kitchen trends, one that is as comprehensive as it is design versatile. Just as the choice of worksurface material has grown to include laminate, solid-surfacing, stainless steel, granite and timber, Carron sinks have developed a range of style and options that means you don’t have to compromise on your choiceof sinks. You can happily choose from the wide range of undermount and inset designs. And also from different surface finishes such as textured linen. All Carron sinks are manufactured from austenitic 18/10stainless steel: a sign of their lasting quality and performance. They are totally hygienic and easy to clean – simple buffing gives a stainless steel sink its lovely patina. Little wonder it’s and established favourite with the professionals.

Carron Zeta
Carron Maui
The Arristo Pro-Centre Range

Arristo Pro-centre 100
arristo pro
Arristo Pro-centre 50 and with Accessories

The Lavella Range
lavelloLavella 888

Carron sinks design in stainless steel takes a step forward with the Carron Lavella 888. These corner kichen sinks are a one and three quarter bowl designed with a right or left hand drainer and is a truly inspired idea. The main bowl is large and deep, enhanced by a good size second bowl. Carron stainless steel sinks are consistently at the forefront in progressive concepts.

lavello 100
Lavella 100

lavella 150

Lavella 150 with Accessories

The Carisma Range
carisma 100Carisma 100

Carron Carisma sinks work hard but still manage to look good and give unrivalled performance with maximum durability.
This is the sink for any kitchen. Carron sinks even do one of the smallest single bowl and drainer sinks on the market
– perfect for when you are tight on space.

The Carron Sinks Classic 400 is a truly inspired stainless steel kitchen sinks design and offers a unique and radically different solution to kitchen washing. The substantial
and deep round bowl, partnered by a strong and resilient drainer, is both traditional and exciting – a classic design which is back in vogue today.

The Carron Sinks Classic 400 is functional as well as fashionable offering an extremely practical solution and a variety of wash options. As with all Carron Classic range models, the 400 is available with a full range of matching accessories
– one of the most stylish snks around!

carisma 400
Carisma 400/401
carisma 150
Carisma 150 with Accessories
The Carron Select Range
select 100
Select 100

Carron Select sinks have a soft style and robust performance with gleaming polished or silky linen finish. Select is softer and rounder than other styles but it can still take the hard knocks of a busy kitchen. Hygienic and durable, it takes some beating.
Carron sinks with one and a half bowl and drainer are essential for today’s modern kitchen. Using the most up to date design and manufacturing technology the Carrron Classic 150 epitomises the qualities of stainless steel. The Classic 150 features an easy clean drainer with excellent water channelling.

select 150
Select 150
select 250
Select 250