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Franke Filterflow water filters


Franke Filterflow water filters, from the world’s leading sink manufacturer. People everywhere are growing more and more dissatisfied with the quality of their drinking water. Franke Filterflow taps are the answer.
Franke Filterfow Water Filters are a matter of good taste Franke as the world’s leading sink manufacturer have become increasingly aware that people everywhere are growing more and more dissatisfied with the quality of their drinking water.
Evidence of this can be found in the unprecedented rise in sales of bottled water and home filtration units.
As soon as you have a Franke Filterflow water filter system the need for expensive bottled water is eliminated. Bottled water is cumbersome to carry and once opened it has a limited life.

Do not compare the efficiency of the Franke Filterflow water filter system with other water filters which can be lacking in reliability and are often ineffective. The reputation of Franke products has been built with close attention to detail, innovative design and technical excellence. The same high standards apply to the field of water purification and the Franke Filterflow water filter systems will provide all the benefits of a constant supply of purified water.

Purified water

The innovative and elegant new designs and systems provide hot, cold and refreshing purified water from a single fitting.Alternatively the Franke Filterflow Mini water filter can be fitted at a point to suit you. Purified water enhances the flavour of tea, coffee, soft drinks, soups and cooking in general. At the same time it gives you piece of mind because the Franke Filterflow system safely removes most impurities, foul tastes and odours that may be present in your water, while leaving the minerals essential to good health and taste intact.The Franke Filterflow water filter system is capable of removing or reducing the most toxic contaminants to safer levels than those specified by many bodies including the World Health Organisation.

How the Franke Filterflow Water Filter works.

This unique, patented water filter has been designed to exacting standards.

As with most Franke taps, the designs incorporate advanced quarter-turn ceramic disc valves. The hot and cold supplies are mixed and dispensed seperately from the purified channel. By selecting and turning the centre lever of the tap body, the cold water is diverted through a non-return valve to the purification unit housed neatly beneath the sink.


These practical Franke Filterflow water filter taps combine technology with a tasteful shape. Every tap has painstaking development and advanced engineering. Complementary to the design are fingertip operated levers which are made in porcelain. The Corinthian is available in Chrome, Nickel, and Pewter – a finish which blends with stainless steel sinks.


A stylish design with a hint of nostalgia. It will look right in modern or traditional kitchens. The biflow spouts in both the Franke Filterflow water filter Corinthian and Traditional models ensure that hot and cold water are kept apart from the purified supply which is dispensed through the center of the tap and is operated by its own lever. Available in Chrome, Nickel, and Pewter.


The Franke Moderne Filterflow water filter is available in Chrome, White, Beige and Brown to suit any kitchen decor scheme. The Moderne has a completely seperate channel within the spout through which the purified water flows – ensuring there is no possibility of cross-contamination with the hot and cold water supplies. Refinements include an anti-splash device at the spout outlet, where there is an aerator which gives a soft stream flow. The hot and cold water supply mix together for temperature control.


This stand-alone water purifier will look absolutely right with any tap. If you have taps you are pleased with, there’s no need to replace them. Just gain the benefits of instant purified water by adding a Mini. You can select the positioning too – close to your hot and cold taps, or at a corner of your sink.


Franke Filterflow water filter DORIC

Following the trend for bold designs, this new model offers all the benefits of the existing water purification range. Based around the fashionable Davos body, this alternative Filterflow will be a distinct statement in modern kitchens.Available in Chrome, Nickel and Pewter