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Franke Sink Information

Planning a new kitchen is an exciting venture, but needs a lot of careful thought, nowhere more so than over your choice of Franke sink.
A FRANKE SINK LOOKS GOOD A Franke sink is good looking, even fashionable, as well as functional. Planning a new kitchen is an exciting venture, but needs a lot of careful thought, nowhere more so than over your choice of Franke sink. When you consider that 75% of your time in the kitchen will be spent around the sink, it is vital to ensure that you choose from the best possible range available. We offer the full Franke sink range in the UK at discount prices.
Franke stainless steel sinkAs well as dishwashing a Franke sink will play a major role in food preparation: chopping, peeling, rinsing, cleaning, chilling, straining, drying, draining and so much more. As the world’s leading kitchen sink manufacturer, Franke have the most comprehensive range available in the widest possible choice of materials, colours and styles. Choose from a whole host of kitchen sink options both in price and design. BUY FRANKE SINKS

Franke Sink Packs

The ‘Specialist’ range of Franke sinks, which are offered as part of a Designer Pack – a competitively priced product collection comprising:
1. Sink, plus
2. a tap which Franke suggests, based on its style and suitability for the particular sink. However, if you’d prefer a different tap, you’re free to choose from our wide range
of Franke kitchen taps
3. a number of accessories exist, usually flush fitting and coordinated, such as chopping boards and drainers – but you’re welcome to add more from our extensive range.

Whilst Franke Sink Designer Packs come with a recommended coordinated tap to match the sink, you can upgrade to the tap of your choice from those featured in the relevant section of the store. Please note that not all taps fit all Franke sinks, so you’ll need to select a tap which is compatible with the sink you’ve chosen.

Franke fragranite sinkCo-ordinated Options A Franke Fragranite and Fraquartz sink both have a particularly pleasing warmth, feel and texture, plus their performance is beyond normal requirements. Whichever material or model you choose every Franke sink is of the highest quality – a result of superb materials, design, workmanship and the meticulous attention to detail for which the Swiss are famous. Through a basic design concept of multiple bowls and drainers inset into the work surface, a variety of accessories can create additional lids, baskets and chopping boards, creating co-ordinated options.

Good-looking, long-lasting and hard-wearing Stainless Steel Sinks from Franke are made from premium quality 18/10 chrome nickel steel, which looks beautiful, is resistant to staining, rust and corrosion – and is simplicity itself to keep clean. It won’t chip, craze, flake orbreak either – plus it’s the perfect materialfor ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

A Franke ceramic sink
Ceramic Sink (many in traditional designs) are made from kiln-fired porcelain which has a tough, smooth gloss finish which stands up to even the harshest treatment.

Franke Fragranite
is a unique sink material pioneered by Franke, which contains 80% granite – one of nature’s hardest materials. With the performance characteristics of stainless steel, Fragranite kitchen sink resists burns, dents chips and stains – in fact it’s the toughest synthetic sink available, and it comes in a wide range of shades offering unique opportunitiesfor colour combinations in the kitchen.

Franke Steel, Ceramic and Fragranite sink – in achoice of finishes Stainless steel – smooth, subtle and exquisite in every detail, our stainless steel sinks areavailable in a number of finishes, including brushed, silk, linen and ‘Microdekor’, a warm, subtle surface which is delightful to touch and beautiful to look at. Fragranite sinks contains particles of natural granite, so it’s naturally textured, warm to the touch and with a subtle sheen – plus it comes in two different finishes, standard Fragranite and SilkSheen providing a silkier finish, as well as a stunning range of shades, with matching accessories! A Ceramic Franke sink has a fingertip-smooth high-gloss finish designed to look perfectly pristine – even after years of loyal and hard-working service.

Franke undermount sink
Franke Undermount Sink Range is for you if you like sleek, ultra-cool stylish looks in your kitchen, you’ll love Franke undermounted sinks. They look particularly handsome when combined with solid granite, wood and marble worktops. As its name implies, an undermounted sink is fitted beneath the worktop, which has a hole cut to match the sink beneath. This ensures that the surface area of the worktop remains smooth and uninterrupted, without the sink edge rising above the level of the work surface. The Franke MD undermounted sink are available in single and double configurations, in a wide range of shapes.


Chopping boards fit over the sink and/or the drainer. Drainer inserts are also available. 


Franke give everything you need with Designer Value Pack sinks !
Packs are supplied with a tap, but these can be upgraded to a tap of your choice. 


Tap hole stoppers are supplied with reversible sinks. In other cases you specify hand of drainer. 


All sinks come with fixing kits to facilitate easy installation. 


Line drawing
Basket Strainer Wastes are included with Designer Value Packs. 


Strainer Bowl: 


A plumbing kit is supplied with each Designer Value Pack. 


Drainer Basket: 


Franke ARX 654 Franke ARIANE Designer Value Pack – ARX654
1.5 bowl Stainless Steel sink, with matching tap and accessoriesThe stainless steel Ariane delivers the advantages of the extra wide main bowl. The benefits of superb styling, clinical good looks and a high-tech recessed drainer combined with matching stainless steel accessories.
Franke CMGX651
Franke FRAGRANITE Designer Value Pack – CMGX651
1.5 bowl Fragranite sink, with matching tap and accessoriesFragranite is a composite material based on granite which is so tough that diamond tools are needed to shape it!This material can resist heat up to 230°C and produces a surface that shrugs off burns, dents, chips, scratches and resists staining. It is nevertheless stylish to look at and gentle on crockery.
Franke PAX654
Franke PAPILLON Designer Value Pack – PAX654
1.5 bowl Stainless Steel sink, with matching tap and accessoriesThis stainless steel model has a useful inverted rib configuration on the drainer and a channel in the bottom of the large bowl that creates a vortex, draining water very quickly and allowing debris to be scooped up quickly. The recessed overflow allows the drainer to be used as a separate work area as liquids are always isolated from other Franke sink bowls.