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Keep your (kitchen) cool in the summer heat

For most people the warmer months of the summer season are a welcome arrival. Many of us look forward to catching up with friends over garden parties, barbecues and summer picnics. As the temperatures rise, ensure you enjoy seasonal entertaining to the max by following these tips from Alaris Kitchens for keeping your cool in the kitchen.
Be prepared
If you’re planning a large (or even small) gathering, it pays to be prepared. Being organised means that the occasion is fun, rather than fraught, for you as the host. Make that supermarket trip early, stocking up on everything you might need. This is where great kitchen storage comes into its own; pull-out larder or pantry units are ideal for storing non-perishable items such as tinned and dried ingredients as well as your all-important spare crockery for extra guests.
Be kitchen safe: Pay close attention to ‘use by’ or ‘best before’ dates if buying in advance. Strike a balance between being organised and serving your guests food that is as fresh as possible. Remember also to pop your cool bag in the boot for chilled foods if you’re shopping for food – and transporting it – on a hot day.
Fridge fresh
The real workhorse of the kitchen during the summer months is your fridge. Whether your kitchen boasts an American-style combined fridge freezer or an integrated unit, chances are that the space will be used to its full potential. The top priority is to ensure that items such as raw meat and fish are safely stored in the correct area. The Siemens range of fridges that we use at Alaris include features such as ‘extra cool’ cool box drawers to keep meat and seafood fresh for twice as long. A well-stocked salad drawer is also essential if your guests want to enjoy crisp, crunchy and refreshing side dishes. Don’t forget about dairy: mayonnaise and creamy dips should be kept cold too.
Be kitchen safe: Keep the fridge temperature below 5°C. A well-stocked fridge is welcome, however you should avoid overfilling it. Air should be able to circulate.
Serve in style
In an ideal world, the sun would shine gloriously for all summer gatherings and food would be enjoyed outdoors. In reality, rain often spoils play. For this reason, it’s best to make sure your kitchen space is ‘guest ready’ should your friends and family need to take shelter indoors. Integrated dishwashers are ideal for quickly stashing used crockery, kitchenware and utensils out of sight. Tidying up as you go along keeps your counter tops, breakfast bar or island unit clear for any guests who want to linger in the kitchen with you.
Leftovers/clean sweep
With the guests gone, it’s time to gather up the debris, switch on the dishwasher and wipe down all the worktops, flooring and serving stations.
Be kitchen safe: Leftovers should be stored away swiftly – ideally in small, shallow containers for quick cooling. Anything that won’t be consumed within the next few days should be frozen immediately.
Here’s to an entertaining summer.