Corian Worktop Maintenance

Corian worktops will have an overall satin sheen finish when first installed however Corian worktop acquires a smoother, more silken finish in time. Corian worktops are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms because even after many years of use, your Corian worktop will still look good. Most damages can be repaired and the original surface restored.

For everyday cleaning, try the easy way first! Although liquids cannot penetrate Corian, it is best to wipe up any spills as they occur. Just use an ammonia based hard surface cleaner or ordinary detergent. Clean the Corian sink or worktops as usual, with a damp cloth and detergent, wiping it well and rinsing it to get rid of any oils and fats. Alternatively spray with a hard-surface cleaner and leave for a few minutes before wiping with a damp cloth and finishing with a dry cloth. If any stains need more attention, sprinkle a gentle abrasive powder on the damp surface and leave for a few minutes before using a sponge or soft cloth to rub with a circular motion and rinsing then drying.

If you use abrasive cleaners on Corian worktops, restore the overall lustre afterwards, using a gentle powder or mild cream abrasive and blend the scrubbed area into the entire surface by rubbing in a circular motion. If hard water scale has built up around the waste or taps, use a standard household lime-scale remover. If necessary, use an abrasive scouring pad to remove the deposit, rinse well and buff dry.

Preventing Damage - What to watch out for

Prevent accidental heat damage to Corian kitchen worktops, use a heat protection pad or incorporate hob-bars in your kitchen design for hot cookware. Never put hot pans, particularly cast-iron, directly on a top or in a sink. Leave the pan to cool first, or put a few inches of cold water in the sink. Avoid pouring boiling liquids directly into sinks without turning on the cold water tap as well.

Hob and Grill Cooking Methods:

Modern appliances reach higher temperatures quicker - and hold heat longer. To avoid Corian worktops damage, follow these rules:

Always use the correct size of pan for the burner, placed centrally. An overhanging pan can scorch surrounding surfaces.

Do not use two burners as one - it has the same effect.

To reduce heat, turn the burner down, don't pull pans partially off the heat source.

worktop maintenance

Corian worktop scratches:

It is not a good idea to chop on the surface - Use a chopping board.

Slight abrasion marks will occur in normal use. Use overall cleaning as described. Darker colours may show wear and tear more readily, if it is accidentally scratched you can usually restore it using the methods above.

Corian worktops chemical spillage:

Spills of strong chemicals should be flushed promptly with plenty of soapy water to avoid damaging worktops. For nail varnish spills non-acetone based remover can be used and then flushed with water.

Prolonged exposure with subsequent damage (perhaps from leaking container), may require our attention.

Whatever Happens Don't Despair!

If more serious damage occurs to Corian we can provide a maintenance service.

Even after many years of use your worktops will still look good. Most damage can be repaired and the original surface restored. It provides a renewable, long-term, easy-to-work-on surface.

Recommended cleaner

Corian worktops cleaning

Even Corian cleaning properties appear to improve with use. In order that this lustre does not develop unevenly, it is best to use a gentle, abrasive powder bleach (e.g. Bar Keepers Friend) or any mild, cream, abrasive cleaner. This should be applied once or twice a month over the first few months. Clean your Corian kitchen worktops with a wet sponge or cloth, using a circular motion. Rinse/wipe with a damp cloth, and dry with a soft cloth.