Fitted kitchens

Kitchen Designers offer a wide range of fitted kitchens to suit every taste and every budget. Fitted kitchens of distinction – It may sound like a bold statement but it is genuine. We really do have a stunning collection of kitchen designs and whatever your budget our designers will provide you with a “kitchen of distinction”.Fitted kitchens by Mereway and Pronorm

Fitted Kitchens Budget

When buying kitchens a very important place to start is to be honest with your budget. Consider carefully not just how much you want to spend but how much you should spend on kitchen units. If you don’t spend enough then you may finish up with less than you expect and be completely unhappy with the end result. Fitted kitchens last many years and it is important you consider how long you would expect to live with your dream kitchen. If you think 10 years is a reasonable time then how much can you afford for each year of its use and enjoyment? The other important point to consider is that if you are planning to move out sooner, then a reasonable expectation of useful kitchen life will the budget you have decided on to provide a fitted kitchen that will aid the sale of your property. I have heard of suggestions that you should spend 10% of the value of your home but I consider this to be only a partial guide to the overall spend and can be too much or even too little for some kitchens.

Never forget that the kitchen units you decide on is only part of the cost. These other aspects need a figure added before you have the total budget:

  • Fitted kitchen units
  • Kitchen worktops
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Kitchen sinks and taps
  • Kitchen splashbacks
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Bar stools
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Installation joinery
  • Installation plumbing
  • Installation electrical
  • Plastering
  • Decorating

When you consider this list and add even an arbitrary budget to each you will start to realise that fitted kitchens cost a lot of money. There is also the budget for surviving the installation period i.e. food, laundry and extra wine to ease the stress. Sorry but it will be stressful and the months of planning won’t lead to a pleasurable experience until the whole project is complete and you can enjoy that first dinner with friends cooked in your brand new kitchen.

Kitchen Designers kitchen designers are able to provide far more for your budget than other kitchen studios so discuss your intended budget with them – don’t be shy.

Fitted kitchens ranges

The range of fitted kitchens available is very extensive these days. We have spent a lot of time researching German and British brands. We selected Pronorm and Mereway . These brands are the best quality German and British kitchens with outstanding features and designs combined with great value for money.

Deciding on brands from Kitchen Designers really depends on what you expect from the kitchen design and features. Pronorm and Mereway fitted kitchens are delivered fully built with the doors and storage accessories all factory fitted. They are impressive even when just delivered. Mereway offer superb painted and traditional kitchens which Pronorm don’t provide. Pronorm fitted kitchens excel in modern wood grains or matt and gloss lacquers. Both companies offer a full range and you just need to study the pages we provide to see which kitchen style best suits your taste. Our kitchen designers are fully conversant with all the kitchens we supply so again just ask.

Kitchen worktops
Fitted kitchens need kitchen worktops and again we are glad to help. Pronorm provide laminated worktops which are factory made to suit the kitchen design. We also work with Corian, Quartz, Granite and wooden worktops. Laminate worktops are a favourite due to the flexibility of design and finishes which can match the kitchen unit doors and depending on the kitchen design can become a feature of serious consequence in your project. Granite is a classic kitchen worktop and stunning when fitted. As with quartz the longest length is 3000mm so there can be a visible joint on longer runs. Quartz is a man made composite which is mainly crushed stone and minerals. Main benefits are that is a very robust surface and idea for fitted kitchens as it is less porous than granite. The uniformity suits a modern kitchen project whereas the natural look of granite is superior in traditional kitchens. Wooden worktops can be perfect for a feature area and with advance knowledge of their maintenance can provide a warm and luxurious solution for the complete fitted kitchen. Corian is a man made acrylic composite and the main benefits are the warm forgiving nature of the surface however care is required to prevent scratching. It is the only way to get a truly seamless finish with no visible joints and fully moulded sinks.

We offer fitted kitchens in a wide variety of styles to fit all budgets. Best of all, we take the guesswork out of putting together a quality kitchen by handling the kitchen design work for you and if needed the installation.