Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands are the most in demand kitchen design feature and the one that can be the hardest to provide in the average British kitchen.
kitchen islands
Kitchen islands are great for breaking up space, dividing a dining or living area from the kitchen or to provide extra work space. Kitchen islands come high on the wish list of most people – if they have the space.
Rectangular contemporary style kitchen islands make a brilliant room divider in an open plan area and can include storage, appliances and a seating area. They are a perfect feature in kitchen design.
In a country style kitchen, islands take the place of the farmhouse scrubbed pine table, offering the double benefits of preparation, seating and storage space in one contained area.
traditional kitchen island
A breakfast bar would usually be at standard worktop height with an overhang of 300m. This is ideal for stool height. It can be at a reduced height if chairs are used.
If you are placing a hob on the island then an island extractor hanging form the ceiling can be restrictive if the ceiling height is low. The minimum dimension from a gas hob to canopy should be 750mm but this will still seem to low for a kitchen island hood. It can be rather obtrusive. Ideally 750 to 800mm is more pleasing but the ceiling height will be the key factor. A flat to ceiling extractor solves the problem as does a downdraft extractor fitted into the worktop.

If there is not enough space for kitchen islands a small peninsular can be a good compromise.
A minimum of 1m floor space should be allowed around kitchen islands for standard depth unit so there is enough room to open doors but up to 1.2m is better.
Adding a lower area at one end of kitchen islands is a good idea if eating space is needed – sitting on a high stool is not for everyone.
Kitchen Islands have to be immensely practical by nature because they are used so much. You can tailor your kitchen design to your own specific needs and caprices and, providing you have the budget, you can afford to indulge yourself. Certain mod cons are designed perfectly for those who like to entertain and a few are outlined below.
Wine coolers
Wine coolers are fabulous additions that can really make the difference when sharing a bottle with guests. They also free up fridge space.
Waste disposal units
Waste disposal units can separate your food waste from your general waste to improve hygiene in the kitchen. They are also a great time saver after mealtimes.
Breakfast bars
Breakfast bars in kitchen islands make wonderfully sociable additions, making the kitchen a hive of activity for family and friends.
Creative lighting can also add to the mood in kitchen islands making it a more pleasant place to be. Make your kitchen the place to be no matter the occasion by incorporating attractive design features into your plans.
We offer factory built Kitchens in a wide variety of styles to fit all budgets. Best of all, we take the guesswork out of putting together a quality kitchen by handling the kitchen design work for you and if needed the installation.
After you have kitted out your new kitchen with all the fundamental fittings, appliances and features that every kitchen ought to have, and if you are still beneath the budget you have set for the project, then it’s worth putting some of your creative freedom into effect.