Kitchen Units

Kitchen units in our range are all of the highest quality and include Blum fittings which is the leading brand of hinges, drawers and accessories. The range of kitchen unit dimensions is extensive and we can also arrange for special depths to suit your kitchen design. A guide to sizes and types are available but are only a guide to the kitchen units available; not the full range. We can provide you with a perfect kitchen design with full knowledge of the available sizes. We can arrange special heights, widths and even colours to suit your requirements. Kitchen units

Kitchen Units Colours

German kitchen cabinets are usually white inside with an edge colour and visible ends matching the door. German kitchen units are made to order and you can specify exactly how you want these finishes matched. It would be no extra cost to have a light coloured door fixed to a unit with a darker edge and show end panel. This allows the flexibility to have a two-tone design if required. UK built units are generally all finished in the door colour with the interior also matching.
The flexibility to have 2 finishes is still available however. The range of colours is extensive and UK designs can also be built in the full gloss colour of your choice.

The choice of kitchen units doors is bewildering and varies from matt laminates,matt lacquers, gloss laminates, gloss lacquers, gloss acrylic, matt laminates, Vinyl kitchen doorwood laminates, wood veneers and solid wood. Then it becomes even more confusing with foils, melamines and vinyl.
Gloss doors are least expensive in laminate and vinyl. Laminate has a taped edge and vinyl wraps around the edges giving a one piece look. Laminate gloss are harder wearing doors than vinyl, but vinyl gives a better finish. Lacquered gloss kitchen units doors have an MDF core which is then painted in a complex process to produce a hard and superior gloss finish.
Matt lacquer doors are made with an MDF core which is then lacquered in a similar process to gloss lacquered doors. You can have these doors lacquered in any RAL colour you choose.
Laminated kitchen doors have a sheet of laminate applied and then is edged with a choice to suit contemporary tastes. These are ideal doors being very hard wearing and easy to keep. The finishes available are extensive in woods and plain colours with edges to match or stainless steel and ply effect.

Foil or melamine doors are a thinner material than laminate and less hard wearing; framed constructed doors are often made from these materials as Solid walnut kitchen unit doorthey can be wrapped around small profiles to give a 3D construction. Vinyl is a material which can wrap around the MDF core and therefore looks like one piece kitchen doors.
Solid wood kitchen doors are still popular in traditional kitchens and are now readily available in painted finishes either in pre-selected colours or painted in the colour of your choice.

Handleless Kitchen Units

Handleless kitchensHandleless kitchens are very popular now in the wide choice of finishes available. They are built with a recess running above the door which holds a continuous trim that acts as an access point for your fingers. Tall units have a vertical trim that sits behind the doors and can work for two adjacent tall kitchen units.

Curved kitchen units

Curved kitchen unitsCurved kitchens are a recent design improvement which allows designers to create interesting shapes particularly in islands. They finish off base and wall units without a sharp corner. Curved kitchens can also be used in base and wall unit corners and to create an extended area for allowing more space around a hob or sink. Matching plinths, cornice and pelmets are supplied as appropriate. These curved kitchen units are also available with handleless kitchens.

Sink units

Kitchen drawer It is now possible to have sink units with waste bins that slide under the sink and full size drawers to make access to cleaning materials easier. These units also allow a larger rear void for plumbing of the sink and appliances. It is now possible to have sink units with waste bins that slide under the sink and full size drawers to make access to cleaning materials easier. The sink unit top drawer is U-shaped internally to allow for the sink and pipes.
Kitchen sink units Kitchen sink units now take into account the effects of potential water damage with a metal top rail and an aluminium base tray. These units also allow a larger rear void for plumbing of the sink and appliances.

The kitchen units we supply whether UK or German mainly use Blum fittings – These are a very high quality manufacturer of hinges, drawers and accessories. All our drawers and hinges are soft close as standard. The range of accessories is extensive and all play a part in improving storage, access and ease of use of the units. Bins, corner solutions, internal storage fitments, pull out larders all play a part in making kitchens work for you and you having to work less. During the design process we can advise on which accessories best suit your use of the kitchen and its design.

We offer kitchens in a wide variety of styles to fit all budgets. Best of all, we take the guesswork out of putting together a quality kitchen by handling the kitchen design work for you and, if needed, the installation.