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5 Things A Happy Kitchen Needs

Distressing reports have surfaced recently that show a studio apartment in the London suburb of Hendon which appears to have a toilet in the kitchen! In light of this heartbreaking debacle, we have decided to compile a shortlist to highlight five of the main dos and don’ts of the kitchen to help ensure such tragedies are prevented in the future.

Keep it away from the toilet!

The kitchen and the bathroom are two aspects of domestic life that should be kept as separate as possible. Although studio apartments are notoriously compact, a kitchen with an en-suite bathroom is more than a bit too far!

Pick the right style

Whether you opt for a modern kitchen design, a wooden kitchen or a traditional English revival design, always ensure that the style of your kitchen is one that you like. Although a trendy, modern kitchen design is always a great way to impress your guests at a party, remember that a traditional or retro look will never go out of fashion and can be a really elegant addition to the house.

Make sure it’s practical

It can be all too easy to forget that the main function of a kitchen is actually cooking when you’re selecting your design. Always ensure that you have enough space and storage. You want to be able to move around easily when you need to and have a home for your array of plates, pots and pans.

Pick the right surface

The work surface is arguably the most important aspect of a kitchen, both for style and practicality. While you might like the look of laminate kitchen worktops, you would have a much harder time staining a granite surface. Think about how you operate in the kitchen, if you’re the type of person who leaves hot pans on the side then choose a more heat-resistant surface for your kitchen.

Ensure your appliances are working and maintained

It’s all well and good having a stylish and elegant kitchen to show off to your house guests. However, all can be undone by the likes of a faulty cooker or fridge. You want the food that comes out of your kitchen to be as good as the kitchen it comes out of.

Few would disagree that the kitchen is the heart and foundation of the household. It should be loved and cared for appropriately. Ultimately, just ensure that your kitchen is one you are proud of and want to show off, whether it be for social gatherings, dinner parties or, most importantly, cooking for you and your family.