Modern Love: New Kitchen Ideas To Fall For

Rumour has it that the majority of us update our kitchens once every 7 years. When we eventually take the plunge, chances are that we’ll have options and kitchen ideas available to us that simply didn’t exist last time round. The kitchen industry is surrounded by innovation, with manufacturers constantly striving to make improvements in terms of both looks and functionality. Starting from scratch or simply seeking a style refresh? Catch up on key modern kitchen trends here:
More in storekitchen storage
No matter how much space we have, the majority of us crave even more. Since we can’t all live in mansions, the next best step is to make the most of what we’ve got. Enter some spectacularly clever storage solutions from today’s kitchen manufacturers. Silent, soft-close deep and shallow drawers benefit from clever inserts to keep everything in its place – from cutlery and crockery to saucepans and mixing bowls. Pull-out pantry units create space you didn’t know you had and transform jumbles of jars into accessible ingredients. Swing-out cabinet shelving puts an end to forgotten crockery in dusty corners and narrow unused ‘slots’ are transformed into a secret space for sliding your chopping boards. For those who despise clutter, it’s a dream come true.
Hey, good lookinghandleless-kitchens
The best modern kitchens don’t only perform, they look the part too. Sleek. Smooth. Clean. Contemporary. Modern kitchens are the perfect antidote to today’s hectic lifestyles, with their minimalist and efficient take on style. Think that simple sounds boring? It’s anything but. Opportunities to make a style statement abound. Seamless runs of cabinets can be given the ‘wow’ factor by injecting fresh, zingy colours. There are material choices aplenty too. Wood, for example, isn’t strictly for cottage-dwelling kitchen traditionalists. Polished wooden worktops that contrast with cabinet materials can give modern kitchens a distinctive style edge.
Compare and contrastsilestone worktops
Like the idea of a kitchen with contrasts? Don’t be restricted to the cabinet versus worktop choice above. Many modern kitchens successfully mix and match different materials within their cabinet ranges. The possibilities are many and varied: Try differentiating upper and lower runs of cabinets through the use of different colours, materials, textures or finishes. While there’s no definitive rule, many modern kitchens tend to use the lighter colour or material (such as frosted glass) on the top and the darker one lower down. Bonus tip: Island units – the centrepiece of many modern kitchens – can become even more of a focal point through clever contrasting.
Doors to die for
While modern kitchens may seem minimalist, they still pay attention to detail. Handle-less doors are becoming ever more popular for those who feel that less is more. Prefer to have something to hang onto? Keep door handles sleek and simple to reinforce the overall kitchen look. If you associate modern kitchens with sharp lines and angles, think again. Many a contemporary kitchen sports cabinet doors with fantastic curves. It’s the kitchen equivalent of having a figure to die for…