New Kitchen Projects

When you make the decision to extend your home, or even to build a new one the first feelings are excitement at the prospect of that extra living space and what it will mean for your lifestyle. Of course then comes the difficult decisions you will need to make to bring your kitchen projects to the conclusion you were hoping for.

Kitchens and bathrooms may form a big part of your new project and it’s important that you consider these at the earliest possible stage.

Most kitchen and bathroom designers will be able to work from building plans and can give you valuable input at the early stages of your kitchen projects. You should have an initial design consultation before you obtain final planning consent. Many people find it difficult to visualise a completed project and if you have a desired outcome then it’s a big let-down when the walls are up and you realise that you cannot have what you had intended. Architects will be happy to incorporate the kitchen and bathroom layout from a kitchen or bathroom designer and you can then be sure that the end result won’t let you down.

When you hand over the building plans to prospective builders for quotations it’s a great benefit to have finalised locations for electrics, plumbing and vents and all of this saves expensive alterations at the later stages in the project.

The amount of decisions that you need to make in kitchen projects will seem onerous and very time consuming, so don’t leave them too late or they will be rushed. You will also lose the opportunity to be sure you have changed your mind enough times to be certain of the final decision, but more importantly the time it can take to negotiate the best deals. This could be even more important these days following the Brexit decision. Many of the kitchen and bathroom products you will buy are imported and even those made in the UK use imported components. Prices of these have risen by as much as 15% so you need to take this into account in your budget.

This is of course another reason to make early decisions on your project as you need to be sure that your budget doesn’t let you down at the end. I am often involved in projects with grand ideas for the kitchen and bathroom design which fall by the wayside when the project nears completion. If you can decide on an early budget for these then ring fence it, you will then have the finished project you wanted.

When you are considering a kitchen the most common requirements tend to include a large island for food preparation, entertaining and dining to create a complete lifestyle change.

In bathrooms you may want to incorporate a freestanding bath and wet room area. It’s also common now to have large recesses with glass shelves and lights.

All of these ideas take a surprising amount of space and often more than most people allow for so my final word is to involve a kitchen and bathroom designer at an early stage of the project to be sure you are happy with the outcome.