Can water and electricity mix?

Apparently so...From a simple shower renovation project to a fully-integrated hydrotherapy shower, GROHE F-digital includes a multitude of showering options. The wireless Digital Controller and Digital Diverter connect remotely to a thermostatic mixing unit, for accurate temperature control, safe thermostatic showering, greater showering comfort and enhanced design freedom


The award winning design of GROHE F-digital unites simple operation and freedom of choice with German engineering and design. Luxurious personalised experiences, thermostatic showers and intuitive digital controls, which can be mounted wherever you choose, combine to create the indulgent bathroom experience you desire.

Simple, intuitive, precise control, the perfect temperature and the luxury of saving your preferred settings with a single touch; GROHE F-digital will change your perception of brassware and showers.


Gold is back…

Gold could be making a come back, and just when you decided to throw out your gold taps and purchase new chrome ones. Perrin & Rowe bathroom taps are classically styled which are equally at home in traditional or contemporary bathrooms and provide a wealth of opportunity for expressing your individual style.

Design flair and quality define the Perrin and Rowe collections of bathroom taps, showers and accessories. Perrin & Rowe tap's for bathrooms are made of brass which is electroplated with either chrome, nickel, pewter or gold finishes.


Back to nature

People are talking about using natural solid materials in their bathroom. Mereway bathrooms design bathroom furniture to be individually yours. This bathroom collection allows you create a space that you can call your own. Somewhere you can close the door and feel that you are in your favourite place. Mereway bathrooms collection cleverly combine practicality with beauty creating a space that you will enjoy for years to come. They create products built from the finest materials and this results in finished designs that stimulate your senses and your moods.

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Blast from the past...

With so many people opting for straight edges and clean lines, choosing a traditional suite with a modern chic twist will set you apart from the rest.

Shopping for a suitable bath for your bathroom will largely depend on how often you use the bath and what for. A lot of people jump in the bath quickly and get out again, using it purely for practical purposes. Others like to soak for hours, enjoying the time they have to themselves as well as the soothing properties of hot water and bath salts.

For those who like a practical bath, the best tubs are probably those that take up least space. If you can spirit your bath away into the corner or onto one side of your room, then you will probably be happy enough. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't go to town on your design, but there is no need to make your bath a central feature.

However, for those who actually look forward to having a bath and really take great pleasure in it, it could well be worth investing in a freestanding bath. These provide extra comfort in that they are large and situated away from the walls of your bathroom and items of bathroom furniture, giving you space to relax properly. They also draw attention and look absolutely stunning as a central focal point.


So how are you going to stand out from the crowd?