Carron Sinks

Carron granite sinks

Carron sinks in granite will provide exceptional durability and performance. In fact they have a lifetime guarantee – so it doesn’t get much better than that. Carron sinks in stainless steel, Granite and Ceramic are available for UK delivery at discount prices.

Carron granite sinks

Carron granite sinks are resistant to impact, scratches, stains, chemicals, fading and temperatures of up to 280 degrees. And very importantly, its a hygienic, easy to clean surface.

kitchen sinksCarron Phoenix sinks are aware of the ever changing styles in today’s kitchen, granite also gives real flexibility in how you want your sink area to look. It can be teamed with a wide range of work surface materials: laminate, granite, stainless steel, wood and solid surface. You can choose conventional inset or the seamless feel of undermounted or flushmounted sinks within granite or solid
surface finishes.
Colour is increasingly a hot topic in kitchen interiors and with granite you can inject some into your kitchen scheme. Carron Phoenix have an extensive range of both contemporary and classic colours to choose from, including colours enriched with fine metallic particles giving a subtle pearlescent sheen, granite sinks offer you the flexibility to be as individual and imaginative as you please. Carron kitchen sinks co-ordinate beautifully with the wide choice of appliances, doors and worksurface materials available


Carron Phoenix Sinks ZX Granite Sinks from Carron Phoenix made from Granite represent the very latest technology and sport new design to really make you sit up and take note. The Carron ZX sink: Modern – Colourful – Edgy. Less is definitely more here with its simple lines and free-flowing design. The interplay of plain colours and subtle pearlescent sheen is exciting to the eye and to the touch. Carron Phoenix offer five different colours with a contemporary twist, Carron’s ZX takes granite into the arena of modern kitchen design.
The fusion of contemporary materials, ergonomic design, unique overflow grid and cleverly designed accessories give you all the benefit of workcentre sinks. Plus, it can be undermounted, flush-mounted or inset into a range of work-surface materials. Totally flexible. Undoubtedly desirable. Carron ZX sinks offer complete flexibility for the modern kitchen. Its clever design means that it can be undermounted, flushmounted or inset and there are not many sinks around that can do that. It also has the versatility to combine with a wide range of surface materials.
Carron ZX

ZX Design Flexibility
Carron Coral Sinks
Coral sink
The Coral 150

Carron Coral Sinks offer capacious bowl sizes and design individuality for those of you who demand a lot from your kitchen. This Carron range features the first granite large single bowl and the only granite double bowl/double drainer on the market. How unique. There’s a big colour choice too – the full palette of traditional and contemporary colours.

Ciral 150 sink
The Coral 150
Coral accessories

The Coral 150 with Accessories

Carron Summit Sinks
Carron summitThe
Summit 100

This Carron sink design offers quality and timeless appeal. This makes this one of the most popular sinks around. Summit is practical and functional but doesn’t skimp on style. A fusion of form and function. Carron corner sinks, round bowl, multi-bowls, you name it we’ve got it with the Summit range. And its not just kitchen sinks thats well-designed. Carron sinks have a range of accessories to match whatever your needs.

Summit 100
The Summit 150
Summit 150
The Summit 150 with Accessories
Summir rondel
The Summit Rondel
Summit 888
The Summit 888

Carron Granite sinks are made up of 80% coloured quartz crystals bonded together in a matrix with 20% acrylic resin. During the manufacturing process, the quartz crystals are forced to the surface of the sink, making the finished sink as hard as rock. Carron is unmatched in its technical performance and is at the forefront of materials development. In order to fully understand the difference between Granite and other synthetic kitchen sinks materials we have outlined its performance in the following five fundamental

Stain Stain Resistance

Carron sinks are capable of withstanding attack from particularly harsh and aggressive household chemicals and foodstuffs, all of which have no effect on the surface in normal use. No other composite material can match the resistance of granite to such substances.

Scratch Scratch Resistance

The Carron Phoenix fundamental, yet conclusive, scratch test for Granite employs the abrasive teeth of the simple household fork. The resultant marks, caused by the repeated scoring of the fork across the surface of the sink, are not scratches, but metal deposits from the fork itself! These metal deposits on the surface can be quickly and easily removed with an abrasive cleaner, pad and clean water. Unlike Carron sinks no other sinks material is capable of withstanding this aggressive test without serious damage.

Heat Heat Resistance

The sinks resistance to high temperatures is essential for a its working surface. Statistically, most oven cooking is carried out at around 220 degrees centigrade. The material of sinks from Carron however, can withstand much higher temperatures with no damage whatsoever – in fact temperatures of up to 280 degrees!

Impact Impact Resistance

Plates, cups, knives and pots if dropped may cause irreparable damage to some sink’s surfaces. Impact resistance tests simulates the everyday impact caused by typical household kitchen utensils. Carron sinks material is supreme in withstanding all typical household impacts.

Thermal Thermal Shock Resistance

Carron Phoenix are aware that thermal shock in a kitchen environment is the sudden change in temperature typically caused by emptying boiling water into a sink. Some composite materials may fracture due to these problems, but extensive testing has proved that Carron kitchen sinks material outperforms all others by a long way. In tests, it exceeds a massive 10,000 cycles of hot and cold water, which the average kitchen sink would not experience in 50 years!