Laminate Flooring

pergo-laminate-flooringQuickstep and Pergo Laminate Flooring is our speciality and our Pergo & Quickstep flooring is selected to be beautiful to look at not only when they are newly laid but after 10 years of constant use in the family home. Laminate flooring should be beautiful and cope with the ravages of time and tough everyday life. You should be able to enjoy your new laminate floor for years without worry. We have so many designs in Pergo flooring and Quickstep flooring that you will find it easy to pick a floor to suit your style and furnishings.

Quickstep Laminate Flooring

Quickstep¬†flooring revolutionised laminates with the introduction of Quickstep Uniclic¬†flooring. Until Quickstep Uniclic it was not possible to install laminate panels so tightly together that you could hardly see the joins.quickstep-laminate-flooringThe clever shapes of the Quickstep Uniclic laminate’s tongue and groove click so tightly together that the join is virtually invisible. You don’t need any glue either. Whether you are an expert or a DIY enthusiast, you couldn’t work more quickly or cleanly. The Quickstep laminate flooring joins ensure that no dirt can get in between panels and the surface is completely sealed from dirt and dust. Laminate flooring is extremely low maintenace and ideal for people with allergies. Quickstep laminate flooring cleans with a damp cloth, is impact and wear resistant, even from heels, castors can roll across it without leaving a mark and cigarettes will not leave any burn mark for at least a few seconds.

Pergo Laminate Flooring

Pergo invented laminate flooring and has manufactured hardwearing and beautiful lmainate flooring for longer than any other manufacturer. They have never compromised and have beautiful laminate flooring home-laminate-flooringdesigns which are durable and easy to maintain. The new Pergo laminate flooring TitanX surface ensures Pergo laminate flooring will withstand years of hard use without losing their beauty. They just always look new. Pergo is still the leader in superior scratch and wear resistance. Pergo laminate flooring offer the widest range of decors, styles and formats. Amazingly inventive surfaces that add a new dimension to the appearance and feeling of laminate flooring. Ranges are now all manufactured with a Click-System to ensure easier installation.