Miele coffee machines

Miele coffee machine

Miele coffee machines understand that perfect coffee is not just a question of the right beans; the right water pressure and temperature are also extremely important. Miele CVA 620 coffee machines enable you to create that coffee shop quality at home. You decide the dosing, grinding, and temperature and pressureso the connoisseur is assured of perfect results every time.If you’d prefer to let the machine do all the thinking, the Miele coffee machines CVA 2660 is perfect. Using the unique NESPRESSO┬« system,the machine enables you to taste nine different varieties of coffee all freshly ground and vacuum-sealed. Less fuss and perfect taste and convenience!

MIELE Coffee Machines Connoisseur
Coffee has become much more than an everyday drink; it has become a symbol of pleasure and enjoyment in our social lives. In the morning it revives us with its wonderful fresh smell and in the evening it helps to keep tiredness at bay. We meet with friends over a cup in our free time and no other drink is witness to so much discussion, about its aroma, its smell and the unique skill required to prepare it! Thanks to Miele built in coffee machines it’s easy. Unsurpassed flavours and perfect cremas are now available
at the touch of a button, for us to enjoy at home. No “Barista” experience necessary! The main coffee producing areas of the world are located in a belt known as the coffee zone. The major coffee producing countries include Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Ethiopia and Vietnam. There are two main types of coffee, Arabica and Coffea Robusta. For the tastiest and
most aromatic coffee the Arabica bean is generally the most popular. However, producers love experimenting with different blends and for this, the Robusta has an important role to play. Once the beans are ready, they are harvested and roasted. Every coffee expert wants to create a special blend and the skill is selecting the right balance of different coffees to produce an individual quality blend. MIELE Coffee Machines creation Miele offer two coffee machines, the CVA 620 for those who prefer to create their own blends using different beans and prefer the coffee to be ground fresh each time. The CVA 2660, which incorporates the NESPRESSO┬« system, is for those who enjoy the perfect espresso, those who require a selection of blends with maximum convenience or who are already familiar with the fresh NESPRESSO┬« capsule system. Coffee bars are the latest trend to come out of America and are the ideal place for people on the move to quench their thirst, take a break, have a chat or simply watch the world go by. It wasn’t until the invention of the espresso machine that people were able to make fresh espresso for themselves. With a Miele built in coffee machines, you can rely on perfect results every time due to the very short interval between grinding the coffee and adding the water. 30 seconds is all it takes to release the taste and flavour. Versatile and easy to use At the press of a button the Miele kitchen appliances CVA 620 coffee machine can deliver your favourite beverage; espresso or strong coffee from freshly ground beans; cappuccino with is distinctive milky top, and very hot water for tea, herbal teas and other drinks.

Operating Miele coffee machines
The machine will take 500 g of your favourite coffee beans and 2.5 litres of water. The coffee is automatically poured into an easilycleaned, dispenser. The control panel indicates when the coffee or water needs replenishing, the coffee grounds emptying or the machine descaling.

Perfect results every time
Freshly brewed and ground whenever you want it, easy to make and simple to operate, you can be guaranteed perfect results every time.A user friendly text display will guide you through the operating and maintenance requirements.

Perfect pump pressure
This plays a key role in creating the perfect cup of espresso. The pressure from the pump is set at 14 bar. If the pressure is too high, water flows through the coffee too quickly resulting in poor quality coffee. Miele coffee machines are set so that the aromatic substances in the coffee beans are fully released, giving a perfect
flavour from Miele coffee machines.