Miele fridge freezers

A high-level specification matches the Miele fridge freezers performance and all
models are of course CFC and HFC free and designed for low energy
consumption.miele fridge freezersMIELE Precise temperature control – The temperature you select is controlled electronically and accurately. A temperature display on the control panel of most models will give you correct information about the temperature inside the appliance.
Super Cool and Super Freeze functions – The temperature inside Miele fridge freezers can be set to the coldest level for a short time by pressing the Super Cool or Super Freeze button. This is particularly useful when chilling or freezing large amounts of food at once. By freezing food as quickly as possible, the consistencyand texture of the food is maintained when defrosted.
Miele Dynamic cooling – Some fridges and fridge-freezers offer the Miele fridge freezers Dynamic cooling system which circulates the air evenly throughout the appliance so items can be stored on any shelf. This results in no moisture loss from the
appliance, an even temperature throughout, no odour transfer betweensections and efficient cooling performance. It is particularly useful in hot weather, ensuring the optimum cabinet temperature is quicklyestablished once the door has been closed, and saves up to 50% of time when cooling fresh food.
The Miele frost-free system – The circulation of cool air prevents frozen foods from frosting over and the freezer from icing up. Frost-free kitchen appliances do not need to be defrosted, making the chore of defrosting a thing of the past, and life easier for you.
Miele Evaporator plates – Each Miele fridge freezers drawer has its own evaporator plate or cold plate. This ensures even temperatures throughout the drawers and allows you to freeze fresh produce in any part of the freezer as well as store frozen foods. Tedious rearranging of the contents is unnecessary, and the easy and speedy storage of food is guaranteed.
Height adjustable glass shelving – Food can be safely stored on quality shelves made from safety glass. Most are height adjustable, and some are split shelves to allow for the storage of taller items. In this way the space inside the appliance is optimised.
The StayFresh zone – This zone is ideally suited to the storage of salad, vegetables, fruit, fish, meat and poultry. With a dry compartment and a humidity controlled compartment, it is ideal for delicate foods which can be kept fresh for two to three times as long as in a conventional refrigerator.
Miele Adaptable capacity On frost-free models removing a drawer and the shelf beneath it enables you to store large, bulky items of food in the appliance. Ideal for large joints of meat and for the Christmas turkey!
Dairy compartment – The convenient dairy compartment lid stays open when raised. Perfect for quick and easy access.
Large freezer drawers – A large amount of food can be stored in the spacious drawers, making economical use of space. Most models have transparent drawer fronts, enabling you to see what you have stored. They can be pulled out to the maximum extent without tipping and are solid all round so any spillages can be easily contained.
Automatic defrost – All Miele refrigerators, the freezer section of all Miele fridge-freezers and some freezers defrost automatically.
The alarm – Most Miele freezers and fridge-freezers have an alarm indicator light on the control panel and a buzzer which will sound if the temperature in the freezer rises, if the freezer door is kept open for longer than 2 minutes, and if there has been a power cut it will sound when the appliance is switched on again, reminding you to check the food.
Adjustable door shelves – The shelves in the door are made from a high quality, transparent plastic with chrome brackets. They are height adjustable, and can be removed if required.
Lighting – Miele freezers and fridge-freezers all have an interior light so you can find things easily.
Freezer calendar – By using the dials on the food labelling system on the drawers, you can see at a glance what you have stored in Miele fridge freezers, ensuring that food is used by its use-by date and is not forgotten.