Miele hobs

MieleHobs – A new dimension in cooking the unique control configuration allows access toall the burners without interference and the stylish grates allow pots and pans to be easily transferred from one burner to another.
Pure Power Mielehobs are engineered to meet a variety of design applications,gas hobs offer burners that have outputs ranging between 600 to 16,000 BTU’s per hour, more than enough for any cooking need.The ergonomically designed control knobs allow you to precisely adjust the flow of gas to the burners – for a rapid boil or melting butter.
Miele hobs Illuminated Controls TheKM326 gas hob comes equipped with an illuminated control panel that displays the burner outputs. The lights adjust as you vary the flame, giving you a visual indication of the flame level without having to move your pan.
Automatic burners Miele Gashobs have automatic burners that re-ignite if they are ever blow out. This special safety feature prevents gas build-ups and improper use.
Miele ElectricHobs Ceran® Surface Hobs: Powerful, innovative and elegant With electric hobs you will receive quick heat up times on a smooth, Ceran® surface. Every Miele hob has the controls directly on the surface. The only difference is the design of the controls; either infrared or radial dials. Together, both provide exceptional performance.On all these hobs, the surface is slightly depressed with the outside frame. This design is intended to capture any liquids should a pot boil over
Variablecooking zones Miele electrichobs come with two variable cooking zones. They offer the flexibility to accommodate different pot sizes. The burner size prevents handles from heating and reduces energy loss. A wave of a finger or twist of a knob activates the outside burner ring. You have the same level of control with both zones active as you do with one. Electric coils heat up quickly and, unlike halogen cells,maintain constant temperatures.
Ceran® Surface Miele Electrichobs are designed with a durable Ceran® surface which is exceptionally
strong and can double as counter space. Ceran® is designed to resist heat transfer and the electric burners only heat within the white surface rings. Areas are insulated from the heat and stay cool to the touch. Includes residual heat indicators.