Miele Kitchen Appliances

Since the founding days, the Miele appliances guiding motto has always been “Forever Better” In keeping with this credo, Miele appliances are reknowned for designing and manufacturing high quality kitchen appliances. It is a philosophy that still holds true today, and you will find this principle applied to every product that leaves the factory.miele-hob

Miele appliances were developed as the result of three generations of quality without compromise. With typical German precision Miele use only the finest materials coupled with the latest, most advanced technology in their appliances.
Miele appliances are ‘thinking’ machines that work for you and will go on doing so way into the future. The long life is legendary – we know of some that are going strong after 30 years. This is not by accident. This is by design. All Miele products represent that commitment to design and innovative technology at its best.
The standards set by the new generation of Miele ovens will prevail for many years to come.
Miele Appliances Research and Development
The Miele appliances team design appliances to meet the highest criteria in six vital areas:

  • Energy Saving
  • Minimum pollution of waste water
  • Reductions of detergent needed
  • Elimination of CFCs and HFCs
  • Sound insulation
  • Contributing to clean air

Miele ovens are particularly kind to the environment. They have excellent insulation and a revolutionary method of using residual heat, which reduces energy consumption by up to 20%. Miele appliances feature PerfectClean, Pyrolytic cleaning and CleanGlass, they are easy to maintain without the use of harsh detergents.miele-gas-hob
The more efficient the machine and the longer it lasts, the more economically and environmentally friendly it is – and that is something that is becoming increasingly important to us all.
Miele gas hobs deliver everything you could expect from a hob. Miele appliances unique control configuration allows access to all the burners without interference
and the stylish grates allow pans to be easily transferred between burners.
Miele cooker hoods come equipped with a unique double sided impeller. This design improves performance and extends the motor life on Miele .