Miele ovens

An automatically switch the oven off, or on at the pre-selected time. The display also keeps you informed of the temperatures you have selected and the progress of your meal. On most Miele ovens models, the oven will recommend a temperature with each function. You can alter this easily in 5 °C stages or even alter the pre-set temperatures to suit your requirements. Pre-heating can be a long and painstaking wait but with Rapid Heat Up the oven uses the fan element together with the top and bottom elements to raise the temperature in just 5 minutes instead of the usual 10-12. This feature is available on most ovens, either integrated into the programme or as a separate function.
Miele ovens are always striving to improve products and make cooking easier and more pleasurable. Miele ovens latest range of Navitronic ovens are a dream. They combine the very latest in technology with ease of use and convenience. Using the small pop out buttons you can scroll through the simple to use menu options,
which explain everything in plain English. The large display gives you detailed information and you have complete control over programmingeven the tiniest of details such as displaycontrast and lighting.
MIELE OVENS – Automatic programmes
With Miele ovens Navitronic technology you can take advantage of the very latest in cooking convenience.The Automatic programme allows you to choose the food type you are cooking and it takes care of the rest. Select from up to 54 different food types and the oven will calculate the function, temperature and cooking times. Miele ovens have all the operating modes, temperatures and times pre-programmed into the software for optimal cooking results. Once you have selected the food type in the menu, you can programme the level of crispness, tenderness or browning! The oven even prompts you for turning and basting and tells you which shelf to use. With the advanced sensor electronic controls, the oven lets you know when it will be ready so you can accurately plan your meal.
Sensor controls
With Miele ovens patented sensor moisture control on baking programmes, you are guaranteed perfect results every time. The sensors inside the oven measure the amount of oxygen and vapours being emitted and can tell when your cake is ready. There is no guesswork involved and the oven shuts off automatically once finished!
User favourites
The Navitronic Miele ovens offer unprecedented user flexibility for excellent results. Up to 30 programmes are available for you to personalise to your tastes. You can select the function, temperature and time and even name it. You can also save your favourite recipes so you can get great results time and time again. Perfect for inexperienced chefs!As well as performing well and looking great, all Miele kitchen appliances are designed with safety in mind. Reduced surface temperatures
Miele ovens CleanGlass door has up to 4 panes of glass and features a special coating that reflects the heat back into the oven to save energy. It also ensures that the oven door never becomes too hot. Even on the pyrolytic setting, external door temperatures are kept to a minimum. The sealed CleanGlass door also makes it easy to clean as spills and grease can be wiped away with little fuss.
Precise temperature control
On Miele ovens with electronic thermostats, the temperature inside the oven is constantly monitored. If it varies by more than 1 °C from the temperature set, the electronics immediately correct it. Temperatures are selectable from 30-300°C.
Child lock – On most Miele ovens models you can activate a system lock, which prevents operation of the controls either in or out of use Functionality and design are extremely important, but practicality is paramount. All Miele ovens are designed to be extremely easy to clean, leaving you more time to do the things you enjoy.
Pyrolytic ovens – Miele ovens that clean themselves. Pyrolytic cleaning is the ultimate in convenience. The oven is heated to 460°C to carbonise. soiling in the oven and turn it into a light ash, which can be simply wiped away. It leaves the interior clean and free from grease with no effort on your part! For complete safety, the oven door locks automatically and because no chemicals or cleaning agents are needed, pyrolytic cleaning is very environmentally friendly. It is also economical on electricity using approximately 3.8 kW per cycle at a cost of only around 36p.Miele ovens offer three types of pyrolytic cleaning:

  • Time controlled – the H 4270 BP has two settings giving you choice of programme length for light/heavy soiling.
  • ThermoClean – the H 4430 BP has three settings for light/medium/ heavy soiling.
  • ThermoClean Plus – the Navitronic H 4640 BPKAT has Miele’s unique pyrolytic cleaning process. The AirClean catalyser not only removes the odours and grease, it can also assess the level of soiling in the oven air and lets the electronic controls determine how long the cleaning process should last.