Miele steam ovens

Miele steam ovens can be built into any kitchen. The DG 2650 and DG 2651 are 50 cm wide and can be installed into a wall unit, slung under a worktop or placed freestanding on your worktop. The DG 4060 is 60 cm wide can be installed into a tall unit. Team it up with a coffee machine, oven or combination microwave to suit your cooking style.
Simple to use and classic design – There is no question that steam cooking is an excellent method of cooking and all the models in the steam ovens range are exceptionally easy to operate. With the DG 4060 you also get a wide range of automatic programmes. All you need to do is choose the food type and the oven does all the rest. You can even select how well-done you like your vegetables and pasta for example. As with the other Navitronic ovens, once you have found your perfect recipe, save it in the user profiles!
Steaming ahead in technology – Steam is injected into the ovens at exactly the right temperature. This ensures cooking timesare kept short and food is instantly sealed, locking in colour, flavours, vitamins and textures.
Miele steam oven Spacious capacity – The H 4060 oven has one of the largest cavities in its class. 30 litres of internal space makes it easy to cook a complete meal for 4 persons.Ingenious Miele steam ovens technology for gourmet cooks

Miele’s steam ovens have more than 140 programmes – With more than 140 Automatic programmes for cooking, heating and defrosting stored in the memory, the choice is endless. By turning and pressing the function selector, you can select the type of food, and then enter additional information such as the weight, quantity and desired finish. With the automatic programmes you no longer have to think about the oven function, time or temperature settings, and reminders will appear in the display
if you have to do something like turn the food or add liquid during the cooking process. The Automatic programmes are only available on the DG 4060.
The keep-warm function – It really doesn’t matter if you have to slip out at that crucial moment when the cooking time finishes, as the food will keep warm for up to 15 minutes without continuing to cook.
The water level display – DG 4060 has a digital water level display, showing the water level during cooking, so that you will know if there is enough water to complete the programme.
The automatic descaling programme – These steam ovens will remind you when the descaling programme for the steam generator needs to be run. Once started it continues automatically, making time-consuming manual descaling unnecessary.
User programmes – The DG 4060 lets you store your favourite recipes under “User programmes”. You can enter the function, time and temperature settings for up to 30 recipes, which you can then simply call up, via the display.

Automatic steam reduction – On the DG 4060, a vent opens automatically shortly before the end of the cooking process, allowing a certain amount of steam to disperse. This reduces the amount of steam emitted when the door is opened.
External steam generator – Unlike other systems, the Miele steam ovens are fitted with an external steam generator, which is located in a separate compartment next to the oven. This arrangement has many advantages. It is easier to keep the oven interior clean and several dishes can be cooked together. The temperature is more accurately measured and can be kept at a constant level. The steam level is controlled perfectly for the food you are cooking so food keeps its natural colour and consistency. Cooking times are reduced so energy consumption can be kept to a minimum too.

Side rails – Miele’s steam oven side rails are attached to the walls with quick-release catches, enabling you to remove and replace them quickly and easily should the need arise.
Easy programmes for all cooks – Miele’s steam ovens have up to 7 cooking functions to choose from Cook Universal. This setting is ideal for cooking food which can tolerate high temperatures and for food such as pulses and rice which need to be brought to the boil. Cook Vegetables. This setting is suitable for all sorts of vegetables
including cauliflower, broccoli, peas and asparagus.
Cook Fish – This setting uses a low temperature to cook your fish to perfection.
Defrost – This setting takes advantage of low temperature steaming for quickly defrosting frozen foods such as vegetables, fish and meat.
Cook Meat/Poultry- This setting with a temperature of 100°C is ideal for most meat and poultry. Reheating. This setting is ideal for
re-heating soups, plated meals and much more.
Automatic programmes – With more than 140 programmes, there are scores of dishes to choose from, making temperature, time and function settingsunnecessary.


DG 2650 available in white and black only DG 2651 available in stainless steel only Flush, full-width glazed door with stainless steel trim
Door hinged left (not reversible) 16 litre stainless steel oven interior with 3 cooking levels


4 standard programmes (Universal, Vegetables, Fish, Meat/Poultry) as well as reheating and defrosting Recommended temperatures adjustable between 50°Cand 100°C
Miele steam oven CONTROLS – Electronic controls with turn and press mechanism User friendly clear text navigational display Programmable settings (buzzer tone, language, recommended temperatures and display contrast)
TIMER – Programmable cooking duration with automatic switch-off
SAFETY FEATURES – System lock, Door contact switch, Enhanced vapour cooling and venting system
MAINTENANCE FEATURES – Miele steam ovens Quick release side runners
Flush floor heater for a reduction in condensed water in cabinet
after cooking
(DG 2651 only) Descaling programme with reminder Fault messages
ACCESSORIES SUPPLIED – 2 x 0.9 litre net capacity perforated stainless steel containers Rack, drip tray, water tank with integrated heating element, cookbook
OPTIONAL EXTRAS – Perforated and solid stainless steel containers
INSTALLATION – Miele ovens are Suitable for installation in a 50 cm wide wall, tall or base unit, can be fitted under a wall unit using building-under casing DGUG 50, can be set up freestanding using counter top casing DGSG 50 See “Building-in diagrams” for dimensions Miele DG 4060 STEAM OVENS
Flush, full-width glazed drop-down door with stainless steel trim and new style stainless steel handle, or with aluminium trim and new style aluminium handle 30 litre stainless steel oven interior with 4 cooking levels
COOKING FUNCTIONS – 141 Automatic programmes plus user programmes and 4 standard programmes (Universal, Vegetables, Fish, Meat/Poultry) as well as reheating and defrosting, recommended temperatures adjustable between 50°C and 100°C, 15 min. warming function at end of programme, steam reduction system before end of programme
Electronic retractable controls on Miele steam ovens with turn and press mechanism, user friendly clear text navigational display, programmable settings (buzzer volume and duration, language, display On/Off, recommended temperatures and display contrast/brightness)
Electronic clock with time of day display, minute minder, programme delay: set the start time and duration or end time and duration with automatic switch-off, 200 hour battery back-up
System lock, in-operation lock, door contact switch, enhanced vapour cooling and venting system, cool front MAINTENANCE FEATURES on Miele ovens. Quick release side runners, flush floor heater for a reduction in condensed water in cabinet after cooking, descaling programme with reminder, fault messages, water container level indication
2 x perforated 1.7 litre net capacity stainless steel containers, rack, drip tray, water tank with integrated heating element, cookbook
Perforated and solid stainless steel containers HKL 60 joining strip for installation with an oven, combi-oven, steam oven or coffee machine
Suitable for installation in a 60 cm wide tall or base unit, see Miele’s steam oven Building-in diagrams for dimensions