Pergo Flooring


All Pergo flooring has been triple guaranteed against wear, stains and fading. We all use our homes differently – some are exposed to heavy wear and tear while others are not exposed to much strain at all. All Pergo laminate flooring is easy to maintain and is incredibly resistant to scratches so chairs and shoes don’t pose a threat. The Pergo flooring detailed on this website can be installed with ease.

To meet the varying demands of a modern household Pergo flooring have created a range of laminate flooring options.  Pergo Kitchen flooring has been designed for areas of high activity. It’s their toughest solution for floors and is named “Kitchen” since this is often the busiest area of the house. Pergo is not only perfect for kitchens but front entrances or any other extremely busy area. You can choose from either planks or squares in the Kitchen Range and you won’t have to worry about the water, cooking grease, or the many other undesirables that end up on the floor. This is a very special Pergo floor, one that is tough enough to stand up to real life demands.

Although all the designs are beautiful the new Pergo Flooring Original range is especially well suited for the rooms you want your guests to see. Recent surface improvements have made the natural lustre last longer than ever. Pergo flooring is extremely attractive in the living room since there are plenty of new and exciting designs to choose from; all of which can stand high traffic as well. The complete Original range now includes a new built-in silencing system that makes it quieter to walk on than ever before.


The new Pergo Flooring Natural Touch surface gives the soft, smooth feel of a matt-finished, oiled wood floor. It has superior surface protection with a new patented scratch-resistant surface. This will resist all the wear and tear a modern floor has to handle including staining andfading from sunlight. Pergo laminate flooring has 10 patterns all inspired by nature and are suitable for the living room, dining room, bedroom or hallway. In common with all our Pergo products they have the triple Lifetime Guarantee against wear, stains and fading.

We supply all the materials necessary with a range of decorative accessories that are colour matched to the flooring decors – these include Skirtings, Finishing Profiles, Dilation Profiles, Transition Profiles, and Stair Nose Profiles.