Quickstep Flooring Installation

Quickstep Uniclic laminate flooring uses a form of tongue and groove to click the laminate flooring panels together. Because there is no glue, Uniclic is much easier and cleaner to work with. Installation is 50% faster and there is no glue residue to remove.
You can start installing Quickstep Uniclic laminate flooring from any position in the room.
Unwanted gaps are a thing of the past due to the Uniclic system.
Quickstep Uniclic laminate flooring system pre-treated material gives greater resistance to damp. You can walk on the floor as soon as it is laid and move furniture on to it.
The floor can disassemble and re-assemble up to 3 times in another room or home.
The 10 year warranty is proof of the quality and sturdiness of Quickstep Uniclic.
There are 2 very simple ways of assembling two panels using Quickstep laminate flooring.

Quickstep instalationleginstructie3[1]
A) The easiest way is to slot the panels together by rotating one against the other. This gives a sturdy assembly without tools.

B) In some cases, the panels cannot be rotated into one another for example under a door frame. You can use the special Uniclic buffer block to slide the 2 panels together until they fit tightly together

For the best results, it is absolutely vital to follow the installation instructions to the letter and TO USE UNICLIC ACCESSORIES ONLY.
a. UNICLIC INSTALLATION SET (spacer blocks, Uniclic buffer block and crowbar)

b. UNICLIC UNDERFLOOR SYSTEM (150 µ Quick-Step PE membrane and Uniclic 1/8 inch PE underfloor)


Uniclic is not suitable for use in damp areas such as bathrooms or saunas.
Check the panels from all packs before and during installation. Defective panels should not be installed.
Tools for installing the Quickstep floor
In addition to the traditional tools for installing laminated flooring, such as hammer, saw, crowbar or pinchbar and spacer blocks it is absolutely vital to use the UNICLIC BLOCK when installing the floor. With any other type of block, you are certain to damage the panel’s. When sawing pieces off the panels, use a fine-toothed hand saw, jigsaw or cross-cut saw. To achieve a clean cut, saw with the pattern side down with a jigsaw and up with a hand saw or cross-cut saw

The doors can still open and close after installing the floor with underfloor
The door frames may need to be adapted to install Quickstep laminate flooring floor under them. The old plinths can be removed.

The base floor must be thoroughly clean and flat before QuickStep laminate flooring is installed on it. Depending on the situation, the following cases may present themselves :

CONCRETE New construction :
The moisture content of the concrete may not exceed 2.5 % (CM method). A freshly poured coating must dry out for at least 1 week depending on the thickness it could be upm to 8 weeks.
In case of floor heating, the moisture content may not exceed 1.5 % (CM method). In this case, some specific installing instructions are applicable. Please consult your dealer for more information.

Renovated construction :
In the case of damp-proof flooring (PVC, linoleum, etc.), QuickStep may be installed on the existing floor covering.
In the case of damp-open flooring (carpet, needle felt floor, etc.), first remove the existing floor covering.

First remove any existing floor covering.
The wooden floor must be sufficiently stable. Any loose parts must be nailed down and, if necessary, a levelling underfloor must be installed.
The moisture content of the wood may not exceed 10%.
It is essential that the creeping space under the wooden floor be sufficiently ventilated : remove any obstacles and provide sufficient ventilation
Install the new panels across the planks


The Quickstep Uniclic Underfloor System
It is absolutely vital to use a levelling underfloor in order to level out any unevenness in the base floor. USE UNCLIC UNDERFLOOR SYSTEM ONLY. This consists of 150µ damp-proof PE membrane with adhesive tape accessory. On top of this goes the Uniclic PE under-layer
Install the plastic membrane, allowing the membrane to run up the wall. This is the surface on to which the skirting board finally will be fixed. Cut the membrane off at this level. If the plastic membrane is not large enough to be installed in one piece, ensure that there is an overlap of 200mm between the different piece’s and that they are stuck together using the water-resistant adhesive tape accessory.
Then install the Uniclic PE under-layer on top of the membrane in strips side by side.