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Nolte kitchens - Buy German kitchens direct and save.
Nolte kitchens are one of biggest German kitchen brands. Nolte kitchens were founded in 1958 and have always maintained an enviable efficiency and are always innovative. Nolte kitchens have a choice of over 100 door styles to suit every style and budget.

When you decide you need a new German kitchen then the best way to buy is to save money now and buy German kitchens from the range at Kitchen Designers.

Nolte German kitchens offer the highest quality standards and are designed and built in Germany. These German Kitchens will look absolutely perfect in your home and can can be combined in so many different ways that will perfectly match your style, the size of your kitchen and your budget however modest. Nolte are excellent however you should also consider our Pronorm German kitchens before you decide. They offer the same levels of German efficiency and style and as Kitchen Designers are one of the biggest UK importers we can provide you with a similar kitchen to Nolte but for far less.

Pronorm and Nolte kitchens both stand for variety and service.

As with Nolte kitchens reliability and continuity are very important to us. Our kitchen designers are incredibly talented and experienced in all aspects of kitchen design and will ensure that your German kitchen will be the best design and value you can achieve. Nolte kitchens are available through qualified specialist retailers like Kitchen Designers however we offer Pronorm direct form Germany to any UK address consistently saving customers a substantial amount of money. Nolte German kitchens consist of complex, highly functional furniture so it is important that an expert guides you through the buying process, someone who gives you advice and knows the intricate details of modern kitchen planning. When your order reaches Germany we need about six weeks until direct to your home delivery.Nolte kitchens are made especially for you, customised to meet your exact requirements. Your order is carefully reviewed and then forwarded to production. Here, every part is individually manufactured, packaged and matched to the other components. Nolte make regular quality checks. It is a meticulous process involving state-of-the-art technology and they always make sure it goes smoothly. That also applies to the delivery of your kitchen. Your satisfaction with our end result is the end product of our endeavours. If you decide to buy Nolte kitchens then you will receive a high quality kitchen that you can be proud of. If you however you choose Pronorm you will have the same end result as with Nolte kitchens but with money left in the bank.