RWK Kitchens

RWK kitchens are a high quality kitchen with a great range of modern door styles and typically German levels of features and service. RWK kitchens are very popular in the UK however we researched a lot of German kitchens and decided that Pronorm kitchens produced a range that were more suitable for our customers over RWK kitchens.

RWK Kitchens

RWK kitchens are a long established family company. RWK kitchen prices will be more costly than our Pronorm kitchens quote however it is difficult to justify the price difference for the same level of product and design. The fittings used by RWK Kitchens and Pronorm kitchens are from the same brand and offer the same level of sophistication in provision of internal storage features and quality of operation. RWK kitchens are imported in Euros however Pronorm German kitchens are in GBP so are not affected by exchange rate changes which is one reason that they will cost less.

RWK kitchens door range is stunning and available in wood grains, gloss lacquers, matt lacquers and veneers and Pronorm also have a similar range of styles however the Pronorm Y-Line handleless door range is more innovative than the RWK handleless kitchens range. See the Pronorm range here, or order a brochure here.

RWK kitchens offer great service which is exactly as you would expect from German kitchens and of course we are delighted to confirm that Pronorm are at least as good as RWK kitchens in service provision.

Pronorm Y-Line Kitchens

Overall if you have decided that you would prefer German quality and service levels then we would prefer that you chose to deal with us and buy Pronorm however before you decide you should give RWK Kitchens and Pronorm both the opportunity to design and provide a quotation. We are very sure that you will choose to live with Pronorm rather than with RWK kitchens and we would ask for the opportunity to design and quote for your new kitchen.

We offer Pronorm kitchens in a wide variety of styles to fit all budgets. Best of all, we take the guesswork out of putting together a quality kitchen by handling the kitchen design work for you and if needed the installation.