Schuller Kitchens

Schuller provide high quality modern kitchens with a great range of modern door styles and typically German Levels of features and service. Their kitchens are highly regarded in the UK however Kitchen Designers researched a range of German kitchens and decided that Pronorm produced a product that had advantages for our customers over Schuller.

Schuller kitchens quotes will be more expensive than our Pronorm quote which in itself would not be an issue if the price difference could be justified. The fittings used by Schuller and Pronorm are from the same brand and offer the same level of sophistication in provision of internal storage features and quality of operation. Schuller kitchens are imported in Euros however Pronorm German kitchens are in GBP so are not affected by exchange rate changes which is the main reason that they will cost less.

Schuller kitchen door range is stunning and in this regard Pronorm are also on equal terms however the Pronorm Y-Line Handleless door range is more innovative than the Schuller handleless range.

Schuller kitchens level of service provision is also in line with expectations from German kitchens and of course we are delighted to confirm that Pronorm are the equal to Schuller in this regard.

Schuller Kitchen Door Styles and Finishes

There is a wide range of door styles available from Schuller which includes wood effect, colours, matt lacquers, gloss lacquers and wood veneers. Pronorm have a similar range and as always these are all finished to the highest standards. There is bound to be a style within the range to suit your requirements. The range of unit sizes is very extensive with drawer units up to 1800mm wide. These look stunning in larger kitchen designs and Islands especially in handleless kitchen layouts. The drawer units can also be up to 715mm deep which provides a superb storage facility. Wall units are also available up to 1800mm wide.

Overall if you want German kitchens quality and level of service then we would obviously prefer that you chose Pronorm kitchens however to decide you should give Schuller and Pronorm the opportunity to design and provide a quotation. We are confident that you will choose Pronorm rather than Schuller however we only ask the opportunity to design and quote for your requirements.

Whatever you decide in the end it simply does not make sense to miss the opportunity to compare Schuller with the other German kitchens Kitchen Designers provide. Its a simple matter of filling in a form and enjoying the expertise of our kitchen designers and when your Pronorm kitchen arrives direct from the factory it will not be long before you can enjoy living in your new lifestyle. For more information visit the Schuller website.

Schuller Kitchens Information

Schuller kitchens try to develop new ideas for tomorrow – This is not a new concept in German kitchens, Pronorm have been in the forefront of new ideas in kitchen design and in particular 2012 has been a year where many new concepts have been advanced to the UK market. The introduction of new materials and new design ideas has been constant. Not just functional elements but kitchen door designs, finishes and colours. The Schüller kitchens Design-Team have also been busy but why pay more when Kitchen Designers can offer Pronorm German kitchens for less than you will pay for Schuller kitchens. Ask for a brochure or check our kitchen design information now and compare for yourself.

The modern kitchen is for living and is now far more than a place to work in and then close the door. Modern German kitchens like Schuller and Pronorm are ideal for this environment. They offer great ideas for storage space and many practical ideas and are always very user friendly creating the centre of family life.

Even a basic kitchen for those starting off is very affordable when you take the first step of asking Kitchen Designers to get involved. Our kitchen designers will advise you on the best solution for your budget whatever it is. If you have had a quote for Schuller kitchens and it was out of your budget then don't worry we will be able to offer you great German kitchens for less.

It may be that you have a bigger budget and want to get the very best and even then why spend more than you need to? Our designers have every respect for Schuller and have worked with them in the past. If there is a specific reason why you have chosen this German kitchen brand then simply ensure that we are aware of this before we work on improving your existing design. Our kitchen design team will easily be able to incorporate any Schuller idea in your new kitchen. You will be surprised at how much we can save you and most likely improve on the overall concept.

Schuller Kitchens Ergonomics and Storage Space

The concept of ergonomics is not exclusive to Schuller in modern kitchens. We provide a fully considered approach to ensuring your kitchen works for you. A range of plinth and kitchen unit heights allows us to adapt the design to suit your ideal working height. The Schuller German kitchen units are built to maximise the amount of storage available with wall units that are 350 deep, base units that are up to 715mm deep and a wide range of unit heights.