Siemens Appliances

Siemens appliances are a premium brand of kitchen appliances and use innovative technology. They can achieve outstanding engineering with leading edge design and efficiency, providing kitchen appliance perfection and precision cooking.
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Siemens appliances utilise greener solutions saving water and energy providing you with many benefits. Combined with the sleek, modern designs, Siemens appliances offer a unique blend of style and efficiency.

The IQ range consists of 3 sections.
iQ700 – Exceptional design allied with serious innovative technology is the basis of these premium models.
iQ500 – Exuding class and refinement, these machines unite first-class features with top class technology.
iQ300 – Good looking appliances with Siemens build quality equipped with an attractive selection of smart features

Kitchen Designers are proud to be associated with Siemens and are able to offer competitive quotes on the complete range whether or not you are buying one of our quality kitchens.

Siemens Ovens

The oven range provides coordinated and stylish products with technology on the inside that enables you to create and enjoy delicious meals. Uncluttered fascias feature high resolution displays and touch sensitive electronic controls. The complete design allows for perfect coordination between Siemens appliances. The oven cavities have a telescopic rail system that glides out effortlessly so you don't need to reach inside a hot oven. Active Clean heats the oven cavity to 480C and burns away all debris form cooking leaving you with an immaculate oven interior.

Siemens Appliances

Siemens ovens have 68 automatic programmes and the oven recommends the correct settings for the meal you want to cook. 3D hot air cooking is the perfect time saver allowing you to cook sweet and savoury food at the same time. As the air flows over each shelf individually there is no mixing of flavours. The pizza setting is a favourite and is perfect for crisping bases on pizzas.

Siemens Compact

Combine ovens, microwaves, steam ovens and barista coffee machines for the ultimate in cooking arrangements. These are inspirational products for modern kitchen design giving you clean vertical lines whether placed side by side or as a column. They can be combined with a warming drawer to align perfectly with the full sized oven range.

Siemens Hobs

This is an extensive range of induction and gas hobs. Induction cooking is the quickest, safest and most efficient method of cooking. When a pan with a ferrous base is used the coil below the ceramic surface uses an electromagnetic field to create heat almost instantly heating the pan. Only the base of the pan is heated leaving the hob surface cool. Siemens gas hobs are available in a wide range of designs all using the highest quality materials giving you the choice of glass or stainless steel combined with cast iron pan stands. Choose from a range of widths and burner arrangements that include high efficiency WOK burners.

Siemens Cooker Hoods

These hoods provide the style you would expect and are highly effective at keeping steam and cooking odours at bay. The range includes chimney hoods, ceiling hoods, telescopic and integrated hoods all with the power to perform. They have many features including automatic after running, climate control sensor, electronic soft touch, intensive setting, interval operation setting, rim ventilation and many more features all designed to make your experience of cooking more pleasant.

Siemens Cooling

Whether its an American fridge freezer or a built in fridge freezer they all share a wow factor that includes energy efficiency and storage solutions that will suit your lifestyle. Intelligent no-frost uses an air circulation system to stop the buildup of frost and ice. With features such as vitafresh, coolbox, hydrorush and airfresh filters you can be assured of fresh and enticing food kept that way for the longest possible time.

Siemens Dishwashers

Quiet, efficient and hidden from view, the perfect solution for your washing up whilst using minimal water and energy. They save energy naturally with advanced drying using Zeolith a mineral that naturally absorbs water and then also produces heat that backs up the drying cycle. There is a model for every household and all will provide powerful cleaning for the best possible solution for your home. Visit Siemens appliances website